ELF never killed anyone

As an environmentalist, I cannot condone the Hollymead incident ["Ecoterrorism: ELF 'targets' Hollymead Center," News, February 19, 2004], and I consider it highly irresponsible. I agree with Jeff Werner that to enact change we need to first go through the proper democratic channels; however, I strongly differ with your characterization of the incident as "terrorism."

A terrorist is a threat to human life, and not only has the Earth Liberation Front never killed or even injured a single person, their guidelines specifically require, "To take all necessary precautions against harming life."

By equating property damage with terrorism, we are saying that etching a window at McDonald's is a crime that compares to conspiring to kill other people. I'm sorry, but I think human life is worth a bit more than that.

Lonnie Murray