The week in review

Most convictions by a City Council candidate: Republican Kenneth Jackson has four for assault & battery– the last in 1995– and he wielded a knife in three of those, report Elizabeth Nelson and Reed Williams in the Daily Progress.

Best spin: Jackson admits he had a bad temper, but says he's changed, and that his run-ins with the law have helped him "relate to authorities and understand the criminal-justice process," according to the Progress.

Worst torched car: Two bodies are burned beyond recognition late February 22 near Batesville, and at press time, police have not identified the occupants.

Worst way to get a date: By using AOL Instant Messenger to offer single mothers money if they have sex. Nathaniel Hollis Lam is arrested February 17 and charged with solicitation of prostitution, according to Reed Williams in the Daily Progress. The Albemarle resident showed up carrying a stun gun to his tryst but finding an undercover cop– and no cash.

Best week for the American shad: After a botched initial explosion, the Embrey Dam near Fredericksburg is finally demolished February 23, allowing the native fish to swim up the Rappahannock to spawn, something they haven't been able to do in more than 150 years.

Worst week for Jeffrey Skilling: The former Enron CEO does a perp walk February 19 after being indicted on 42 counts of fraud, conspiracy, and insider trading that carry sentences of up to 325 years if he's convicted.

Worst week for Adephia's founding family: John Rigas and two of his sons head to court February 23 to face their own criminal charges for allegedly using the cable company as their own personal "piggy bank."

Most dubious proposed House of Delegates resolution: One that criticizes Janet Jackson's bare breast at the Super Bowl– coming from a state with a bare-breasted goddess on its state seal.

Biggest gap in budget proposals from the General Assembly: The Senate offers a $3.6 billion tax increase to make ends meet; the House of Delegates proposes to raise $520 million by ending tax breaks for businesses.

Worst unrest in Haiti: Rebels seize the nation's second largest city, Cap-Haitien, and the U.S. sends in Marines to protect Americans.

Biggest grand jury indictment: Former UVA student Andrew Alston, accused of stabbing 20-year-old volunteer firefighter Walker Sisk, will face second-degree murder charges in August, after receiving a true bill of indictment from a February 17 grand jury hearing.

Best get for the UVA Law School: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will address the school's Conference on Public Service and the Law February 28.

Worst disappointment for Deaniacs: The doctor from Vermont drops out of the presidential race February 18, following a third-place finish in Wisconsin.

Worst disappointment for Democrats: Ralph Nader, largely credited with siphoning off the votes that would have assured Al Gore's election in 2000, announces he's running for president.

Best reason to not mouth off to Canadian officials: Six busloads of Howard County, Maryland, teens on a ski trip to the great white north are held up for hours at the border when a student taunts an officer. Police confiscate 46 fake identification cards, three ounces of marijuana, and a small amount of hallucinogenic mushrooms, but no arrests are made, the Washington Post reports.

Best headline in the Progress : "Sodomy OK'd" in the February 18 paper.