23s-33s: Chocolate night for grownups

Meeting new people is a challenge for 20-somethings in Charlottesville. Bars are usually too loud, too smoky, too scene-y. The transition from young adult to real adult can be awkward. You're looking for something new and different to do (something you might remember the next day).

Well, the Crozet Library is here to help.

All libraries have special events and programs for kids. The Crozet Library folks, in a stoke of genius, created an event just for people 23-33. Chocolate was the theme.

The night began with 30-second introductions. In a nod to the speed-dating routine, people wrote down their hobbies and interests, and then read them to somebody with a name tag. After a few minutes' chat, they moved on to somebody else. In about 20 minutes, everyone had met everyone.

Next came a word game. Librarians Wendy Saz and Margaret Haupt split the crowd into fours with the challenge to make as many words as possible from the word "chocolates."

Tim Gearhart, of Gearhart's Chocolates, sponsored the event and was on hand with samples and a discussion of the chocolate biz– as well as gift certificate door prizes.

The library plans more events to get people circulating. Check out The Hook's culture calendar for the next one!

Tim Gearhart reveals the secret of chocolate but forbids anyone to repeat it.

Anna Tubbs, Heather Hightower, and Catherine Greiner get their name tags on.

Librarians Margaret Haupt and Wendy Saz plan the next game.

Lindt Chocolate Shop coworkers Matt Ashburn and Elizabeth Masters cleverly disguise their spy mission with light conversation.

A word from chocolates.... hmmm.... cats!