Are you ready? Top Ten signs you may be ready to tie the knot

10) Your membership to after-hours dance spot Club 216 has just expired, and you're too tired to renew it.

9) Your left hand keeps flying up over your headperhaps five carats-worth of ballast will do the trick.

8) The thought of another first date is enough to send you voluntarily packing for UVA Hospital's psych ward.

7) You've been living together for 10 years you're tired of separate bedrooms when you go stay with the folks.

6) The annulment from your Las Vegas "quickie" just came through.

5) Your significant other just got sprung from the Big House.

4) You need a few fondue sets and crockpots.

3) Your pre-nup is air tight.

2) You've caught 12 bouquets ­ it's time to throw one.

And the number one sign you may be ready for marriage (drumroll, please)

 1) You hear AARP has a rockin' discount for married couples!