Anniversary fever: Gifts for every year

Got an anniversary coming up? Here's the list of what type of gift you should give for each year:

First Paper

Second Cotton

Third Leather

Fourth Linen, silk

Fifth Wood

Sixth Iron

Seventh Wool

Eighth Bronze

Ninth China

Tenth Tin, aluminum

Eleventh Steel

Twelfth Linen, silk, nylon

Thirteenth Lace

Fourteenth Ivory, agate

Fifteenth Crystal, glass

Twentieth China or occasional furniture

Twenty-fifth Silver

Thirtieth Pearls or personal gifts

Thirty-fifth Coral, jade

Fortieth Rubies, garnets

Forty-fifth Sapphires, tourmalines

Fiftieth Gold

Fifty-fifth Emeralds, turquoise

Sixtieth, Seventy-fifth Diamonds, diamondlike stones, gold

Source: World Book Encyclopedia