Paul D. Quinn to Wrottesley Limited, 47.260 acres at Ups & Down Farms, Free Union, $1,650,000.


Stella M. and James W. Burke to Glenn A. Robertson and Laura Winn Smith, 402 Carrsbrook Drive, Westmoreland, $200,000


Regina Franks to Carrie M. Graves, 2726 Rio Mills Road, Hidden Hills, $139,500.


Marilyn M. Hertel to Penny B. Alberico, parcel in Inglecress, $1,170,000.


Beverley S. Lizakowski to Janna Mahaffey, 5050 Snowy Ridge Lane, Blue Ridge Meadows, Earlysville, $389,000.




 Annette Gibbs, Trustee, to McFarland Group, 2264 Walnut Ridge Lane, Bentivar, $140,000.


Jeffrey R. and Diana L. Roberts to Beverley S. Lizakowski, 920 Quail Ridge Circle, Earlysville, $260,000.


Randy L. Drumheller to Mark A. and Elizabeth C. Wood, 1646 Pugh's Store Road, Afton, $278,500.


Lorraine L. Williams to Junior R. and Lorraine L. Williams, 1.82 acres at 546 Fray's Mountain Road, Earlysville, $35,000.


Church Hill Development Co. to Ridgewood Land Trust, two parcels in Murray subdivision, $450,000.


Glenmore Associates Ltd. to David L. and Kimberley Swales, parcel in Glenmore, $250,000.


Commonwealth Property Corp. to Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Virginia., parcel on the east side of State Route 795, 3888 Rolling Road, Scottsville, $94,000.


Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Virginia to Cato Commerce LLC, 3888 Rolling Road, Scottsville, $72,500.


Southern Property LLC to Mark W. and Sylmarie S. Trowbridge, 1278 Chatham Ridge, Chatham Wood, $259,500.


Craig Enterprises Inc. to Mark C. and Kathy T. Osborne, 732 Russet Road, Grayrock Orchard, Crozet, $291,208.


Woodbriar Associates Ltd. to Lois Ann Rose, Trustee, parcel in Briarwood, $191,000.




 Quarries LLC to Glenn A. and Andrea H. Brome, lot on Schuyler Road, $61,200.


Corner Stone Land Trust to John E. and Gail M. Davidson, 21.044 acres on State Route 637, 1935 Secretary's Road, Scottsville, $126,250.


Barbara C. Aulebach to Robert C. and Anne B. Ray, 3080 Branham Place, Rosemont, $800,000.


Neil K. Williams to James E. and Judy B. Damron, 352 Minor Ridge Road, $158,000.


Forest Lakes Associates to John A. Kessler, lot in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $78,250.


James B. Spence III, Trustee of Westwood Associates LLC, to Shay T. and Anita R. Nixon, 530 Rolling Valley Court, Foxcroft, $283,000.


Edward D. Ward to Lewis Reese Jackson, 3.22 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $4,000.




 Frank W. Barham to Robert G. Read, approx. 2.008 acres at 8000 Batesville Road, Afton, $249,900.


Kathy M. Gurley to Anh and Karine Nguyen-Tuong, 1273 Millpond Road, Mill Creek, $145,000.


Jefferson Area Builders Inc. to Ronda Grizzle, 2.524 acres at 1636 Pugh's Store Road, Afton, $156,000.


David S. Campbell Construction Co. to Teresa L. Cralle, 1131 Cambridge Hill Lane, Keswick, $799,000.


Cool Spring LLC to Wanda B. Nace, 1619 Cool Spring Road, Townwood, $135,000.


Keith A. and Kelly M. Skinner to Joseph M. and Diana M. Mead, 2.95 acres at 3018 Old Lynchburg Road, North Garden, $350,000.




 Robert C. and Patricia E. Lavin to Carol L. Goodman-Powell, 1.02 acres at 3500 Pinewood Drive, Keswick, $131,900.


Richard A. and Elizabeth D. Merrill to Brian P. and Gwyn Y. Conway, 501 Wellington Place, Ednam Forest, $695,000.


Jeffrey T. and Karen F. Roney to Mary U. Sihler, 3215 Heathcote Lane, Glenmore, $740,000.


Cool Spring LLC to Ellen F. Ragland, 1620 Cool Spring Road, Townwood, $142,000.


Liberty Land Ltd. to Donna M. and John Ligush Jr., 1764 Locust Shade Lane, Ashcroft, $575,318.




 Gary J. and Denise A. Goerss to Dabney W. and Cindy B. Carter, parcel on Old Lynchburg Road, Falling Meadows, $61,000.


H. Lee Barnett to Troy S. Lucas and Brenda S. Bowen, 4.045 acres on State Route 640, 4584 Turkey Sag Road, $145,000.


Nicholas F. and Karen Edwards to William F. and Kathleen C. Whelan, 1030 Bedford Hills Drive, Bedford Hills, $305,000.


Genova H. Durrette to William A. Howard, 1.05 acres on State Route 684, 532 Half Mile Branch Road, gift.


Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity to Larry W. and Doris A. Thomas, 2.81 acres at 8839 Chestnut Grove Road, North Garden, $105,000.


Anne and John W. Clayton Jr. to Suzanne T. and Edmund M. Chitwood III, 28.533 acres on State Route 240, White Hall Magisterial District, $330,000.


Barry Meade Homes LLC to Kishor N. and Parul Chavda, 5302 Little Fox Lane, Cory Farm, $281,850.


Peter C. VanDavelarr to William B. and Anne T. Stilley, 315 Pleasant Place, Pleasant Ridge, Forest Lakes, $333,250.




 Lindsay Crumpler Nolting to Richard A. and Elizabeth D. Merrill, 1.298 acres at 231 Wellington Drive, $650,000.


R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Joseph M. and Jennifer R. Giacalone, 2004 Brownstone Lane, Still Meadow, $342,602.


Redfields Development Corp. to Craig Enterprises Inc., parcel in Redfields, $41,000.


Craig Enterprises Inc. to John T. and Janice M. Mann, 5539 Stonegate Lane, Stonegate at Western Ridge, $216,431.


Kostich Construction Co. to Carolyn Fowley, 132 Deerwood Drive, Deerwood, $265,252.


Vickie Mawyer to Gerald S. Thomas,3.0 acres at 3413 Mowbray Lane, $35,000.


Peter D. Nielsen to Murcielago LLC, three lots in Scottsville District, $1,576,178.


James F. Neale and Willa Mulholland to Ann E. Muir, 114 Bennington Road, Hessian Hills, $215,000.


Margaret E. Mason to Brian C. and Kim M. Shumaker, 2.044 acres at 8006 Chestnut Grove Road, Esmont, $108,900.


Jason and Sharon Shifflett to Luz E. Quintero, 4722 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $162,000.


Mary D. Leatherwood to Duanne D. Carter, 3213 Gateway Circle, Gateway Village, $182,500.


United Land Corp. of America to Jacquelyn C. Yates, 4744 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $189,902.


Joan L. and Thomas D. Cichon to John and Erla B. Piccini, 0.953 acres at 1542 Ballard Drive, Laurel Hills, Crozet, $175,000.


Southland Homes Inc. to Beth Ann Riordan, 2330 Treviso Lane, Fontana, $287,900.


Elizabeth S. and Frank Stringfellow Quinn to Steven P. and Barbara L. Reibsamen, 324 Key West Drive, Key West, $286,000.


Judy C. and John F. Kilgus III to Richard E. and Laura M. Monroe, 1955 Cobblestone Lane, Candlewyck, $328,000.




 Alexandra L. Petrila to Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, 2708 Brookmere Road, Woodbrook, $221,200.


Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, to Ronald L. and Eloise M. Huckstep, 2708 Brookmere Road, Woodbrook, $259,900.


Haley Chisholm & Morris Inc. to Richard W. and Sarah C. Skillman, two lots in Indian Springs, $640,000.


Mary C. Davis to Frank and Patricia DeForest, 102 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $134,900.


Margaret E. Walters to Debra P. Gimbel, 660 Ridgemont Road, Earlysville, $176,500.


Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Glenmore, $155,000.


C. Lee Powell to Janet A. Norvelle, 116 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $145,000.


Ryan M. Ridges to Bozo and Zdenka Andric, 1045 Towne Lane, Village Square, $179,900.


James G. Gilbert to Elizabeth B. Hamilton, 509 Berwick Court, Westmoreland, $295,000.


Katherine M. Kingman and Gretchen Morash to James C. Stephens, 420 Fray's Mountain Road, Chestnut Grove, Earlysville, $201,000.


Jason Daniel and Brenda L. Doremus-Daniel to David P. and C. Lee Peterson, 900 Royer Drive, Willoughby, $235,000.


A.M. Nichols, Trustee, to Wendell W. Gibson Inc., lot in Fontana, $73,500.


Dawn Wain to Jess J. and Nancy L. Robinson, lot in the Quarries Ecovillage, $28,500.




 Patricia L.J. Ledbetter to Randall J. Bungard, 1235 Maple Drive, Willow Lake, $177,500.


Two Hundred Fifty West Holdings LLC to Larry C. and Kathryn S. Donnelly, lot in Foxchase, $200,000.


Donald W. and Deborah C. Foster, Trustees, to Pounding Brook LLC, 330.14 acres at Long Branch Lane, Ivy, "Retriever Run," gift.


Rodney L. and Nancy E. Knicely to Larry Wayne and Leslie June Sidwell, 2.001 acres at 2935 Earlysville Road, $165,000.


John L. and Laura B. Guerrant to Alice C. McBrayer and Thomas V. Warren Jr., 108 Falcon Drive, Colthurst, $380,000.


Barry Meade Homes LLC to Stephanie J. Polackwich, 2121 Brownstone Lane, Still Meadow, $469,900.


Robert G. Kelly to Larry L. and Beverly B. French, 2175 North Pantops Drive, Ashcroft, $314,900.


Marjorie Johnson to James F. Bundy and Ava J. Baum, 305 Cedar Bluff Road, River's End, $335,000.


James P. Cox III, Administrator of the Charles A. Vandersee Estate, to Jennifer Law, 577 Southampton Court, Stonehenge, $127,500.






 Peter D. Nielsen to Murcielago LLC, three lots in Scottsville District, $1,576,178.