Others fear Keller Williams

As a long-ago journalist, I truly believe the adage, "There's no such thing as bad publicity." So I was not upset to read the erroneous statements made in The Hook's article about our new Keller Williams Realty office opening in Charlottesville [News, "Real deal? Keller Williams moves in" January 29].

The company's phenomenal national growth– averaging 45 percent a year since 1997– could happen only under two conditions: if customers are well served by working with Keller Williams agents, and if agents are happy being part of Keller Williams. The company's emphasis on agent training and customer service makes it grow, not simply sharing the profits with agents.

And the profit shared does not come out of the agent's commission, as you stated in the article, but instead out of the portion of the owner's profit. About 45 percent of company profits are shared with the agents who have contributed to the company's growth. Keller Williams agents make their living selling houses, and they keep more of their commission dollars than at almost all other real estate companies. The profit sharing they may receive is merely extra dollars in their pockets, a reward for inviting other agents into the office.

Competitors usually criticize a new, growing company for only one reason– they are worried about losing business to that company. While we are flattered about comparisons to Amway– Amway has created more millionaires that any other firm in history– we are really just a real estate company where the customers always come first and the agents are treated like partners in the business.

I hope you carefully follow our growth and report our successes in your fine newspaper.

Patrick Boyle
Associate Broker and Co-owner
Keller Williams Realty of Charlottesville