George T. and Laverne W. Durrette to Richard D. White and Linda C. Sipe, 3.0 acres at 864 Newtown Road, Greenwood, $50,000.

Douglas S. Paige to Aaron C. Smith, 1372 Gristmill Drive, Mill Creek, $185,500.

Happy Valley LLC to Weston Development Corp., lot in Walnut Hills, $125,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Joel S. or Deborah B. Kovarsky, 1839 Clay Drive, Waylands Grant, $278,500.

John M. Harris III to Hantley G. and Doris M. Bruscoe, Trustee, l/2 interest in 5.020 acres in Hickory Ridge, $105,000.

Theresa C. and Francis P. Dunn to Todd S. Tignor, 268 Lakeview Drive, Four Seasons, $187,000.

Nancy D. Johnson to Robinson Mitchell Holdings LLC, 5.012 acres on State Route 778, $42,000.

James R. and Catherine Crosby to Michael and Charlotte O'Hara, 654 Lockesley Terrace, Sherwood Manor, $120,900.

Bergen T. Brown III and Tina Kostoff to Samantha Anne Jones, 948 Prescelly Place, Stonehenge, $146,000.

Robert J. Kroner, Trustee, to Robert W. Carter, 10.0 acres on State Route 626, 2584 James River Road, Howardsville, $152,000.

Happy Valley LLC to Gaffney Homes LLC, lot in Walnut Hills, $115,500.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Northpoint LLC, lot in Glenmore, $140,000.

Woodbriar Associates to Chris L. Daschbach, 4734 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $196,106.

Betty Lou Stroh to John M. Carter, condominium unit at 1158 Mill Park Drive, Brookmill, $182,500.


Myra P. Turner to Lorraine B. Paige, 2793 Little Porters Lane, Esmont, $50,000.

Herman L. White to Howard L. Grooms Jr., 2.20 acres at 7515 Porter's Road, Esmont, gift.

VanderLinde Housing Inc. to Stephen G. and Debra N. Brown, 4935 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $342,666.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Gregory S. and Tara Savage Shiflett, 117 Pike Place, Rivercreek at Dunlora, $374,318.

Tower of Deliverance Church to United Land Corp. of America, 2.25 acres, gift.

United Land Corp. of America to One Ninth Land Trust, 2.25 acres, gift.

Charlotte C. and Willie A. Barbour to Fabian Cortes, 2.487 acres at 2565 Cedar Ridge, $80,000.

Woodbriar Assocites to Alyson Prorock, 4742 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $175,820.

William A. Edgerton, Trustee, to D.A. and Caroline J. Dessouky, 2.296 acres at 1485 Yellow Wood Drive, Far Hills, by deed of exchange.


Craig Enterprises Inc. to Charles H. Gleason, Trustee, lot in Redfields, $261,702.

Lawrence J. Martin, Trustee, to Jonathan Z. and Alice P. Cannon, .12 acres at 3941 Bleak House Road, Earlysville, $426.12.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Deric Hansen and Eric Shifflett, 484 Heritage Court, Redfields, $342,122.

Elizabeth D. Solomon to John J. and Catherine W. Finn, 2.999 acres at 2761 James River Road, State Route 626, Howardsville, $285,000.

Worrell Land and Development Corp. to MJH Foundation, 97.88 acres on Pantops Mountain, $11,500,000.

Beaver Creek Hill Corp. to Patrick F. Nuesch, 5.490 acres at 5135 Halycon Drive, $40,000.

Two Hundred Fifty West holdings Ltd. to VanderLinde Housing Inc., six lots in Foxchase, $1,080,000.

James C. Jetton to ATH & RS LLC, 5.514 acres in Scottsville district, $48,000.

Jamie W. Yowell to Roman Cech and Sylvia Cechova, 102 Oak Forest Circle, Oak Forest, $210,000.


Glenmore Associates Ltd. to William P. and Deborah A. Gannon, lot in Glenmore, $178,000.

Roy W. Collins to Blue Ridge Homecrafters Inc., 2.878 acres, $120,000.

James R. and Jennifer W. Maedgen to Jamie and Brandy Yowell, 984 Grayson Lane, Redfields, $248,000.

Tow Hundred Fifty West Holdings Ltd. to Gaffney Fox Chase LLC, lot in Foxchase, $180,000.

Evelyn and Alan b. Pinkerton Jr. to Ingleside Farm LLC, 1,087.1 acres, gift.

Michael and Wendy Passerell to Andrew and Janet Passerell, 4.361 acres at 339 Glendower Road, Scottsville, $200,000.

MacMillan Pace LLC to William C. Jordan Jr., Trustee, 21.902 acres in Murray subdivision, $669,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to WWL Inc., lot in Glenmore, $175,000.

Quarries LLC to Thomas M. and Susan J. Galloway, 21.719 acres on Schuyler Road, $70,000.


Kathy Kay Bateman to Edhem Zukanovic and Zorka Djakovic, 107 Deerwood Road, Deerwood, $154,000.

Kevin A. and Diana E. Vose to Marion E. and Barbara Kanour, 0.282 acres at 102 Confederate Street, Scottsville, $109,000.

David L. and Cindi D. Morgan to Michele Tevis, 5525 Park Road, Brookwood, Crozet, $171,500.

Joseph D. and Leigh C. Mawyer to Mary T. Lucchetti, 2360 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $139,500.

Charles W. Hurt, Trustee, to Vipul N. and Manisha V. Patel, 2.284 acres at Colthurst, $250,000.


Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Kristian M. Hargadon, 1105 Rustic Willow Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $229,950.

Kelly D. Aldridge to Roger R. and Christiane T. Katcham, 3133 Ridgefield Road, Ridgefield, Forest Lakes, $186,000.

ZeMac Properties LLC to George F. Robinson, 5.481 acres at 3358 Watts Passage, $668,000.

Meredith Shiflett to Ronald P., Jared P. and Brenda S. Morris, 77 acres in White Hall District, $135,317.

Steven E. Tyler to Carr Investment Ltd. , 0.094 acres, $100.

John S. and Yvonne C. Blanco to Michael J. and Connie Gilbert Ho, 267 Claymont Drive, Claymont, Earlysville, $700,000.

Dolly H. and Joseph N. Purvis Jr. to Carl S. and Jane R. Matthews, 1619 Inglewood Drive, Barterbrook, $274,000.

Donald W. Mitchell to Frederic B. McNally, 1624 Townwood Court, Townwood, $133,900.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Joshua D. and Tiffany M. Adams, 948 Fairwinds Lane, Western Ridge, $266,336.46.

William J. and Anne G. Hinek to Susan N. Rigby, 2.011 acres on State Route 622, 7648 Albevanna Spring Road, Scottsville, $144,900.

Church Hill Development Co. to Gregory L. and Kathryn L. Slater, 2313 Ferndown Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $460,000.

Ann Campbell to Richard A. and Hayden Cabell, 7.074 acres on State Route 674, 5499 Sugar Ridge Road, Crozet, $332,500.

Patrick C. and Jacqueline H. Asplin to David M. and Sandra A. Goldberg, 685 Bradford Lane, Windsor, Earlysville, $335,000.


Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Krista C. and Lee Alan Coppock II, and Robert O. and Anne M. Snelling, 1004 Canvasback Drive, Redfields, $288,651.45.

Catherine Tyler to Sonoma A. Kaur, 7038 Porters Road, Ridgeway, Esmont, $85,000.

Ronald L. Marcus to Anne S. Nuckols, 3201 Heathcote Lane, Glenmore, $315,000.

Woodbriar Associates to Darlene W. Adams, 4730 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $206,064.

Harold F. and Rebecca L. Gibson to Jacqueline H. Asplin, 302 Lake Forest Lane, Four Seasons, $207,000.

L.P. McIntyre, Trustee of Cornerstone Land Trust, to Michael and Tina Mallia, 21.045 acres on State Route 637, $93,000.

Michael L. Araiza and Susan F. Bauer to Elizabeth D. Solomon, 21.012 acres on State Route 641, 3954 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville, $198,000.

Jerry A. Taylor to Donald R. and Elizabeth R. Cecil, l/22 interest in 4.0 acres $300.

Motels of America LLC to Chaxu Inc., 1.188 parcel, Super 8 Motel, $2,000,000.

Angela C. Su to Richard J. and Cheryl Jean

Herndon, Trustee, lot in Huntwood, $170,000.


Sara J. Nickell to David Banks, 5287 Chestnut Lane, Chestnut Grove, Earlysville, $221,500.

Weston Development Co. Inc. to Joseph K. and Patricia L. Moore, 1.477 acres at 1345 Elderberry Place, Walnut Hills, Earlysville, $542,500.

William O. Bryant III to Stanley D. and Claudine Williams, 2512 Commonwealth Drive, Berkeley, $148,000.

Sean T. and Abby M. Lunn to Zachary D. Zimet and Karen A. Hoffman, 1711 Jumpers Run, $245,000.

JaZan LLC to Andrew L. and Beth K. Fraser, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $92,070.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $90,786.

Southland Homes Inc. to Gregory S. and Caroline V. D. Bragg, 2311 Treviso Lane, Fontana, $359,900.

Gerald E. Fisher, Trustee, to Jacques Homes Inc., lot in Peacock Hills, $79,000.

Robert F. Stockhausen Jr. to Donald J. and Kimberly P. Skelly, 1.400 acres at 915 Owensville Road, $219,000.

Thomas J. and Sylvia Gasdorf to Ellen A. and Louis J. Lopez Jr., 1731 Verona Drive, Fontana, $340,000.

Keswick Corp. to Keswick Club LP, lot in Keswick, $86,000.

Gregory T. and Marybeth Norman to Ann E. Muir, 2.092 acres at 1635 Running Deer Drive, $180,000.

Michael W. Johnson to William C. Butterman, 3.033 acres off State Route 759, 4900 Three Chopt Road, Troy, $295,000.

Shannon Worrell Chapman, Trustee, to Jonathan L. and Jennifer C. Gilliland, 10.391 acres in three tracts on Ironwood Lane, $1,300,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Jacob G. and Joan Hellmann, 430 Heritage Court, Redfields, $265,971.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Kimberly K. and Henry D. Garrison Jr., 146 Deerwood Drive, Deerwood, $234,675.

Johannes H. and Joen S. Tan, Co-Trustees, to Robert Knoeppel, 1298 Dunlora Drive, Riverwalk at Dunlora, $327,000.

Teresa L. Adams to William P. Heron, 966 Sutton Court, Stonehenge, $136,000.

Two Hundred Fifty West Holdings LLC to Medallion Enterprises LLC, lot in Foxchase, $180,000.



Worrell Land and Development Corp. to MJH Foundation, 97.88 acres on Pantops Mountain, $11,500,000.