Put Conchita in the movies

I would like to congratulate you on the fine articles in the January 8 issue of The Hook about O. Winston Link and also thank you for introducing our family to his legacy.


Since reading your articles, we have obtained a copy of Link's book Steam Steel & Stars, which documents his body of work as well as the rich history of the Norfolk & Western railroad and the people who worked for it.


If you haven't seen this book, it's truly a collector's item. The Afterword by Thomas Garver, the new Museum's curator, is especially poignant. My family and I next hope to visit the Museum.


Finally, you should know that I have sent copies of your sidebar, "Hell-mates: Sad Tale of Winston & Conchita," to two movie producers in the hopes that one of them will turn this intriguing story into a screenplay. It would make an interesting film.


Matt Kessler, DVM