Susan J. Schmickle to Angela R. Smith, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $93,000.

Thelma H. Branham to T.E. and Ann T. Wood, 1.84 acres, $52,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Kevin L. Passarello, 3299 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $271,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Victor Pascarella, 5557 Stonegate Lane, Stonegate at Western Ridge, $294,452.

Two Hundred and Fifty West Holding Co. to Daniel R. and Patricia M. Gallik, 1.013 acres on State Route 250, Foxchase, $180,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Lynda L. Dunn, 453 Heritage Court, Redfields, $220,915.50.

Claude W. and Margaret J. Cotton to Brian Clark, 1050 Hopkins Court, Raintree, $234,900.

Kendall W. and Dorothy A. Robinson to Barbara M. Wall, 5.960 acres on State Route 637, 1015 Poplar Springs Road, Scottsville, and 3.514 acres adjoining in Fluvanna County, $179,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Cynthia A. Williams, 1284 Townbrook Crossing, Rivercrest at Dunlora, $327,950.

Louise W. and R. Baxter Griffith, Trustees, to Peter J. and Anne T. Massarelli, 8.97 acres at 2153 Lake Albemarle Road, $457,000.

John Grisham to Josephine R. Harris, .31 acre at 4467 Cove Garden Road, gift.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Hyokeun Jean and Hera Lee, 1235 Loring Run, Rivercreek at Dunlora, $362,950.


Janet B. Landsverk Estate to Sheryl Whaley, 3140 Ridgefield Road, Forest Lakes, $176,000.

Stephanie Polackwich to Franklin A. and Marybeth Cerrone, 770 Clacton Circle, Hickory Ridge, Earlysville, $442,000.

James R. Calfee Jr. to Amy E. Fiorenza, 1009 Somerchase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $192,500.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Kevin and Heather Grunden, 171 Deerwood Drive, $226,750.

Virginia D. Hahn to Creeping Cedar Springs LLC, 4.0 acres in White Hall district, $160,000.

Henry T. and Audrey P. Elmore to Phillip D. Ryder, 2412 Commonwealth Drive, Berkley subdivision, $130,000.

Jaehyon Rhee and Seunghae Lee to Stephen P. and Rachelle D. Yow, 2957 Magnolia Bend, Forest Lakes South, $276,500.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Denise C. Atwood, 2221 Shepherds Ridge Road, Rivercrest of Dunlora, $308,009.


Victor F. Pascarella to Sujit and Kshama Kumar, 1214 Stonegate Way, Stonegate at Western Ridge, Crozet, $280,000.

E. L. Phillips, Trustee, to Angela Anderson, 80.80 acres, gift.

Quarries LLC to Salvatore L. Giordano and Jennifer Lynn Thomas, lot in the Quarries subdivision, Schuyler Road, $69,000.

Curt D. and Julie T. Heidel to Robert L. and Mary Ross Elliott, 2.52 acres on State Route 605, 1434 Durrett Ridge Road, Earlysville, $184,500.

Quarries LLC to Francis N. Mastrota, 5.229 acres, $36,000.

Scott M. Cox to Sherrie D. Albrecht, 494 Link Evans Lane, the Pines, Earlysville, $160,000.

Mary C. Ross to Rocco and Norma Santucci, 55 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $129,000.

James D. and Laura L. Ottaway to Jason C. Crigler II, 109 Georgetown Green, $167,000.

Alan W. and Susan m. Norfleet to Eduardo G. and Joyce M. Galliani, 306 Carrsbrook Drive, Carrsbrook, $318,000.

Edward H. Bain Jr., Trustee of Last Stand Land Trust, to Anderson D. Lohr, 1.41 acres at 1290 Free State Road, gift.

Sycamore Creek LLC to Thomas J. Barton, lot in Beaver Creek, $150,000.

M. Betty and Harris L. Ketron, Trustees, to Michael L. and Susan M. McKee, 2455 Fox Path Court, Westwoods, $324,000.

I&J Homebuilders LLC to Robert E. and Jennifer L. Davis, 2030 Ashmere Drive, $195,373.

Patrick J. and Ilana B. McGuinn to Thomas L. Hafemeister and Shelly Lynn Jackson, 2655 Kendalwood Lane, $325,000.

Alan D. and Joan Haverson to William M. and Ellen B. Kelso, 2.47 acres Covesville, $134,000.

John W. Townsend to Two Times Five LLC, 150.37 acres in Covesville, $121,500.

Carol T. Wagner to Two Times Five LLC, 150.37 acres, $121,500.

Carol E. Tunstall to Gary S. and Maxine J. Glick, 941 Warwick Court, Stonehenge, $152,000.

Paige C. Crapser to Susan K. Sears, 567 Pebble Hill Court, Redfields, $214,900.


Curtis F. Peterson to Paul A. Finn and Susan S. Reppert, 408 Ednam Drive, $525,000.

Willie V. and Alma R. Scott to Hardy B. and Vickie Y. Poole, 110 Hawthorne Lane, Ashcroft, $380,000.

David E. Conway to Skyline Home Builders LLC, lot in Hickory Ridge, $94,500.

Rio Square LLC to Frog Pond LLC, unit in Rio Square, $179,200.

Kathleen W. and Robert H. Tetrault Jr. to Frank W. and Cheryl A. Duncan, 1725 Alder Road, Forest Lakes South, $185,000.

Elizabeth S. and Charles H. Miller to Kari Lee Miller, 521 Jester Lane, gift.

Patrick C. and Jacqueline H. Asplin to Stephen F. Kempa, 29 Georgetown Green, $175,000.

Emily R. H. Kinnier to Maureen Mahony, unit at Overlook condominiums, 388 South Pantops Drive, $126,750.

JaZan LLC to Clyde A. and Lorrie Faye Smith, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $91,000.

Paul J. Hammond, Executor, to Constance J. Hallquist, two lots in Royal Acres, $695,000.

Redfields Development Corp. to Craig Enterprises Inc., three lots in Redfields, $121,000.


Phillips H. Hamilton, Trustee, to John H. Birdsall III, Trustee, 219 acres on west side of State Route 601, $4,100,000.

Judy H. Gaulding and William T. Hayward to Darren P. and Tammy L. Giacalone, 925 Madison Drive, Bedford Hills, Earlysville, $310,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Lawrence E. Howard, lot in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $234,950.

Grayrock LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., three lots in Grayrock, $188,100.

Ronald L. Waycaster to Wai Hang Chan, unit in Solomon Court condominiums, $72,000.

Stephen G. Brown and Debra J. November to Yaming Xu and Shizhen Luo, parcel at 979 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechums River, $219,000.

Joyce Whitten Seal to Joseph A. Magri and Karen L. Seal, 600 Whitcover Circle, Stonehenge Townhouses, $153,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $90,213.

G. Franklin and Judith Forney to Thomas E. and Leanne F. Brubaker, lot in Royal Acres, $219,500.


Lee Jong and Rosy Kin-On King, Trustees, to William S. Stavitski, 208 Greentree Park, $143,855.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Michael D. Horn and Janice L. Morris-Horn, 2223 Shepherds Ridge Road, Rivercrest at Dunlora, $331,700.

Quarries LLC to Edward T. Gillette, lot in the Quarries, $24,000.


Nancy S. and Ronald D. Flack Jr. to Jason A. and Melissa B. Guida, 4265 Viewmont Road, Earlysville, $200,000.

Lawrence B. and Daria T. Goldstein to Deborah Rapoport, 3264 Martin Kings Road, Saddlewood Farms, $239,900.

Oak Hill Development LLC to Brittany D. Kletter, 1715 Clay Drive, Wayland's Grant, $257,900.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Toni F. Walker, 2113 Piney Knoll Lane, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $184,950.

Gary J. and Denise A. Goerss to John R. Temmink, 977 Seminole Trail, Falling Meadows, $125,000.

Thomas D. Lamkin and Sara L. Cuthill to Jane S. and George M. Coles Jr., 3276 Fox Mountain Road, Crozet, $298,500.

Janet M. and John T. Daggett Jr. to Steven and Catherine Applestein, 101 Cavalier Drive, Colthurst Farm, $990,000.

Samuel L. and Shari H. Lewis to Heather R. Danforth, unit in Olde Oak Court condominiums, 2758 Hydraulic Road, $196,900.

Sycamore Creek LLC to Jerry D. Jones, Trustee, lot in Beaver Creek, $250,000.

Adam C. Crowl to Wanda F. Stootsberry, 31 Creekside Circle, Mill Creek, $158,000.


R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to John T. and Janet H. Daggett, 3435 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $569,000.

Heather C. and Alton L. Gwaltney III to Jann Rhea, 57 Georgetown Green, $182,500.

RJR LC to Redlands LLC, two lots in Highlands at Mechums River, $110,000.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Harris R. and Jan Helen Holt, 1570 Heatherfield Lane, Walnut Hills, $575,000.

Wendy L. Eckerle to Jeanne M. Whitney, 1621 Merano Lane, Fontana, $370,000.

Thomas E. and Nelda C. Lull to Property Maintenance Services Inc. 0.500 acres on Jarman's Gap Road, $53,000.


Billie M. Kaser to Robert G. Davis, parcel, $230,200.

Park A. Deel to Michael J. Strack, 640 Crumpet Court, Stonehenge, $147,000.

Roberta B. Fitzgerald to Richard P. Palermo, 1.48 acres at 1924 Scottsville Road, $147,000.

R. Wayne and Sandra Mawyer to James and Debra Eason, 5280 Tanager Woods Drive, Tanager Woods, $480,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Kathryn E. Wuebker and Christopher Williams, 3365 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $253,950.

Keswick Polo Farm LLC to David J. and Victoria G. Veliky, 57.03 acres at 4937 Mechunk Road, $435,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Parkside Village, $154,500.

R. D. Wade Builders Inc. to Li Ding and Xing Qi, 2115 Piney Knoll Lane, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $184,950.

Kevin J. and Wendy M. Lewis to Daniel B. Goldberg and Maria E. Laylin, 6550 Hungrytown Hollow Road, Covesville, $236,000.

George W. Clark to Triple G LLC, 2.0 acres at Southern Hills, $80,000.

Peter G. and Alta Andrea Hallock to Solutions for Real Estate LLC, 3.784 acres at 1541 Polo Grounds Road, $275,000.



Phillips H. Hamilton, Trustee, to John H. Birdsall III, Trustee, 219 acres on west side of State Route 601, $4,100,000.