Doublecross: Snowy speed demons show off

There's nothing quite like cool mountain air, beautiful sunshine, and barreling down a snowy hill strapped to a board or two to get your blood pumping. Just what the competitors were expecting at Wintergreen Resort's first Doublecross racing event.

The Blue Ridge Doublecross is a four-person race in which the contestants battle each other over a special terrain course. Skiers racing skiers alternate with snowboarders racing snowboarders. Had the skiers been racing the snowboarders, it would've been called a Psychocross and probably could have been a little brutal.

Wintergreen, Freestyle, and Red Bull sponsored the event on January 11. Wintergreen staff spent two days building the course and turned out a work of art. Under the Red Bull tent, a DJ blasted out rap, rock, and metal that could be heard all over the mountain. Freestyle staffers were on hand with freebies and prizes.

Two words characterize Doublecross: thrills and chills. In singles events, the excitement comes from skilled performances and breath-taking excitement generated by the narrow course. Wintergreen has two more such events scheduled this season. The Freestyle website has more information.

Whether you're an expert skier or just an admirer of the skill and daring, it's worth the trip up the mountain.

John Sindsey recovers from a major bail.

Chris Jameson leads Jonathan Ball and Anthony Thournhurst past the Red Bull arch.

Scott Osborne beats the wreckage.

Martin Hanley, Clay Guernier, Michael Battle, and George Sandy pump away from the start gate.

Drew Donaldson pulls away from the pack in the first heat.

Michael Battle executes the corner like a pro.

Competitors rest up waiting for the fun to begin.