Homeschoolers diverse

As a Virginia homeschooler, I wish to thank you for your fair and thorough article, "Home for the holidays" [Cover story, December 18].

You present a realistic picture of the diversity of the homeschool community and the reasons that parents choose to homeschool. It's very refreshing!

There is one note I'd like to pass to you: The Home School Legal Defense Association, despite its reported membership number (and many doubt the accuracy of that), still represents only about 10 percent of the homeschool population. This is their own figure, and it puts them in perspective as a clear minority– albeit a visible, loud, and moneyed minority– among the broad spectrum of homeschoolers.

Thanks again for the terrific article with its endearing photos. I'm passing along the link to the statewide e-mail lists. It's a nice "present" for homeschoolers' holidays.

Shay Seaborne