Gravitational pull: Do the math!

The Background

 Ahh, love. If only it could be quantified as simply as gravity's acceleration (which, of course, we all remember from physics is 9.8m/s2). Unfortunately, attraction is a bit more complicated. But this week, perhaps, we'll be able to deduce a formula that will enable lovebirds everywhere to calculate whether their love will fly or will sink like a stone. Call it nostalgia for final exams...

Let's look at our "factors": Cynthia (for our purposes here, we'll call her "C") is a 23-year-old psychology grad student who likes movies ("M"), music ("Mu"), and reading ("R").

Jay (who we'll refer to as "J"), is a 24-year-old neurosurgery resident who likes working out ("W"), dining out ("D"), reading ("R"), and football ("F").

So, complicated as it may be, the problem we're attempting to solve here is: Does CMMuR=JDRF?


The Date:

 Cynthia and Jay met at Gravity Lounge on a Wednesday night for some light dinner. After the meal, they stuck around to hear Greg Howard play his Chapman Stick (a long stringed instrument). So now, since we know the value of gravity, our equation gets even more complex:


Let's do the math...


Describe your predate preparation...

 JAY: I got home, showered, and went out.

CYNTHIA: Well, it took me a long time to get ready, because I wanted to look good for the date.

JAY: I have to admit I read some of the old blind-date archives on the web the night before... a few of which were pretty off-the wall. I was just hoping for someone who would be cool to hang out with. I wouldn't say I was nervous, though.

CYNTHIA: I was trying to imagine what he looked like because I was so nervous


First impression?

 JAY: She was wearing a red sweater and pants.... definitely attractive, although she struck me as being pretty cerebral.

CYNTHIA: He was H-O-T... I couldn't take my eyes off him all night. He was wearing this polo shirt tucked into his pants, which nicely showed off his chest... he was also wearing khakis.


Would you say this person was your type?

 JAY: I couldn't really tell if she was my type or not.

CYNTHIA: Definitely. I love the doctor-beeper...


What did you think of Gravity?

 JAY: I really liked the ambiance, interesting books, good view of the stage. My only complaint was that the music was a bit loud.

CYNTHIA: It was cool... I didn't know that they had all this stuff there to look at (art, books, CDs...)


What did you order?

 CYNTHIA: The people at Gravity Lounge ordered us appetizers. We had sandwiches, which turned out to be messier than we thought, and an amazing dessert with some Raspberry Lambic Ale.

JAY: We were waited on hand and foot. We had tortilla chips and some kind of vegetable plate as an appetizer. Then I ordered a ham and cheese croissant for the main course. Excellent food, though we were talking too much to finish everything.


Did you share?

 CYNTHIA: Oh, yes, Lady and the Tramp style.


How was the music?

 CYNTHIA: The musicians didn't like us. They shushed us for talking.

JAY: It really wasn't my thing... a bit too loud, and I wasn't really into the whole Chapman stick sound. I found myself trying to talk over the band, even though we were seated faaaaaar in the back. At one point, someone in the band came up to us and said we were making too much noise, so we had to move to the computer area.


Uh-oh... Looks like we'll have to subtract...


What did you talk about?

 JAY: A number of topics, including developmental Mexican food. The conversation seemed to flow very well. I can't really say that there were many dull moments, although there were times the conversation kinda stalled. I guess that happens on blind dates.

CYNTHIA: Everything... he was a good listener. I couldn't believe how much we had in common.


What did you find out that was interesting about your date?

 JAY: We're both from out of town and recently moved to Charlottesville. I think our social circles are very different... hers seems more artsy than mine. I enjoyed hearing about the clubs she goes to.

CYNTHIA: He's a 24-year-old neurosurgeon resident! What more could you want!?... He's going to be rich!


How was it toward the end?

 CYNTHIA: I never wanted it to end. I wanted to kiss, but I think he was nervous, so we just shook hands... I know he liked me, though.

JAY: We exchanged emails and left. There really didn't appear to be much going on elsewhere... I guess that's what you get for going out on a Wednesday night.


Did you have fun?

 CYNTHIA: Of course!

JAY: Yeah, the conversation was interesting, and I liked the Gravity Lounge.


Would you see this person again?

 CYNTHIA: Definitely, even if I have to get surgery.

JAY: Probably as a friend.


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?


JAY: 6


Well then, we've explored the factors in our love equation. Now, it's time to do our calculations:

The original problem again was does CMMuR=JDRF*9.8m/s2.

If C=10, and J=6 and we can balance out R, we're left with this question:

Does 10Mmu=6DF*9.8m/s2?

Hmmm. [Headscratch. Knucklecrack.] Nope, can't do it! Drat and double drat! Another flunk for matchmaker!

Perhaps someone out there can do a little better?