Barry Meade Homes LLC to Donna Lynne and Roger Lee Bensey Jr.,1870 River Inn Lane, Still Meadow, $461,200.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc. one lot in Springridge, one lot in Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $273,121.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Ashley D. Caviness, 5463 Hilltop Street, Parkside Village, Crozet, $205,606.

John N. Ohlweiler to David E. and Lynn W. Graham, 1178 Rustic Willow Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $216,500.

Stephen R. Jacques, Trustee, to Jimmie E. and Erika H. James, 1263 Thistle Down, Glenmore, $872,500.

Joseph P. and Barbara Q. Sherman to Joseph C. Rotunda, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $92,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Floyd H. and Marilyn B. Mathews, 1277 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $254,845.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to Lara D. LeQuire, 3309 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $214,234.

JaZan LLC to Jeremy D. Roberts, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $88,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Yanping and Quan Zhou Wang, 3335 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $298,950.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Gregory V. and Kimball E. Maynard, 5.05 acres at 275 Buffalo Hills Road, Westview, Earlysville, $350,213.

Louis E. Valente to Marie E. Marklein, Trustee, 5639 Hill Top Street, $100,000.


 Roger G. and Sharon R. Wood to Angela M. N. Krull and Matthew T. Bloom-Krull, 1760 Sourwood Place, Hollymead, $195,000.

Southern Property LLC to Trevor and Jamie Ballif, 2.148 acres at 1070 Beaverdam Road, Keswick, $304,878.

Jonathan L. and Candace M. Long to Janette M. Martin, 2255 Westover Drive, Westover Hills, $229,000.

Zakin Construction Co. to Mark H. and Paula M. Stoler, 2.26 acres on the north side of State Route 676, 2815 Cola Woods Lane, $600,000.

Joyce A. Lawson to George F. Shifflett and Melissa K. Morris, 6941 Virginia Ridge Road, Dyke, $70,000.

Helen H. Friend to John A. Hawley, 3.68 acres at 997 Black Cat Road, $3,492.

Jeffrey R. Hoffman to Ian C. Kelly, 2.0 acres at 3848 Vineyard Road, Barboursville, $142,000.

David B. and Maria N. Topper to Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, 70 Oak Forest Circle, Oak Forest, $156,500.

Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, to Young Chol Yi and Kyong Ae Yi, 70 Oak Forest Circle, Oak Forest, $179,900.

George W. and Sara J. Dansey to Vincent J. and Stephanie C. Satterly, 48060 Rolling Road, Scottsville, $450,000.

Ann D. Dirickson to William C. and Della H. Dirickson, 1580 Garden Court, Gardencourt Townhouses, $135,000.

Redlands LLC to M. Gabrielle Hall, lot in Highlands at Mechums River, $273,133.

Farmer Cox Huff Associates to Carol R. Houser, 1581 Birnam Drive, Birnam Wood, $145,000.

RJR LLC to Skyline Home Builders LLC, five lots in Highlands at Mechums River, $325,000.

Redfields Development Corp. to Craig Enterprises Inc., lot in Redfields, $38,000.

M. Gabrielle Hall to Jeremy Middleton, 69 Mill Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $200,000.

Quarries LLC to Kevin S. Leavitt and Lee F. McCraw-Leavitt, lot on Schuyler Road in the Quarries, $68,200.

Michael A. Licata to Rudi O. Drenz, unit in Overlook condominiums, 372 South Pantops Drive, $130,000.

Ann Anderson and John S. White, Trustees, to Todd M. Milby, 45.25 acres in Scottsville district, $70,000.

Attillio H. and Virginia B. Cenedella, Trustees, to Ronald L. and Janet S. Baellow, 1875 Graham Court, Glenmore, $157,500.

Aubrey O. James Jr., to Outlook Properties LLC, 2.0 acres, $100,000.

Joseph W. and Ruth G. Bernheim to Anjaneya P. Sombhatta, 3204 Gateway Circle, $179,000.


Carlo and Martha A. Colombini to Bernard A. Schwab, 2455 Redbud Lane, $66,500.

Douglas L. Wyant to Daniel L. Seale, 2.266 acres at 696 Rocky Hollow Road, State Route 20, $107,434.70.

Kevin B. and Krista R. Schmitt to Barbara A. Walker, 1060 Hunters Ridge Road, Earlysville Forest, $179,900.

Cynthia Thacker Cobb to Bruce R. and Mary L. Horner, 2.0 acres at 1609 James River Road, Scottsville, $155,000.

David F. and Miriam E. Bizup to Robert W. and Bridgett H. Wineman, 816 Harris Road, Willoughby, $210,000.

David P. and Joyce M. Ellis to Philip and Louise N. Christopher, 0.56 acre at 1155 Crozet Avenue, $298,000.

Steven D. Dennis to Richard B. Martin, 5669 Wayland Drive, Wayland Park, Crozet, $164,000.

Jonathan A. and Susan E. Brumfield to Jeffrey J. and Evelyn Nikki Steckroth, 817 Harris Road, Willoughby, $200,000.

Dorothy W. Sidebottom to Jon I. and Shelley A. Lieberman, 3185 Beaumont Farm Road, Beaumont, $500,000.

Suzie C. Pace and Cadee R. Craddock to Michael A. and Cara E. Licata, 1622 Garden Court, Gardencourt Townhouses, $154,900.

J. Thomas and Susan C. Reres to Reid Nagle, 1930 White Hall Road, Crozet, $490,000.


Rosemary S. Vaughn to Christine G. Barnicle, 2237 Shepherds Ridge Road, Rivercrest at Dunlora, $317,000.

Patricia A. McGrath to Ronald J. and Joni E. Louque, 126 Oak Forest Circle, Oak Forest, $201,000.

James S. and Rebecca L. Bailey to David D. and Donna W. Moore, 1803 Creekview Lane, Hollymead, $211,000.

Woodbriar Associates to Jeremiah Goldman, 1780 Sourwood Place, Hollymead, $184,900.

Forbes R. Reback, Trustee, to Peter M. and Cheryl A. Nardone, lot in Glenmore, $245,000.

Stanislav Reisky-Dedubnic to David W. Munn and Amy B. Hereford, 9.400 acres at 9488 Dick Woods Road, Afton, $400,000.

R. D. Wade Builder Inc. to John N. and Mary Ann Smith, lot in Springridge at Forest Lakes, $294,723.

James R. and Linda M. Haddock to Patrick G. and Christy Lynn Flynn, 114 Mansfield Court, Sherwood Manor, $143,100.

Stephen H. Wright to Dennis D. and Deborah M. Keener, 1010 Earlysville Forest Drive, Earlysville Forest, $254,000.

Samuel L. and Delores E. Wilson to Mir and Jianfen Shu Siadaty, 1112 Rustic Willow Lane, Forest Lakes, $245,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to James R. and Erika L. Pierce, 1748 Verona Drive, Fontana, $300,401.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Lucas G. and Angela C. Fernandez, 957 Canvasback Drive, Redfields, $250,000


Katie B. VanSciver to James R. and Linda M. Haddock, 1592 Garden Court, Gardencourt Townhouses, $167,500.

John R. and Nancy D. Schott to Sirva Relocation LLC, 2603 Thrush Road, Whipppoorwill Hollow, $444,900.

Sirva Relocation LLC to Betty T. Neal, 2603 Thrush Road, Whippoorwill Hollow, $444,900.

Todd W. and Michelle H. Cahill to Deborah B. Johnson, 359 Leaping Fox Court, Foxcroft, $286,500.

Craig K. Ruff and Nancy R. Schoettinger to Anne K. and Richard M. Cronk Jr., 6570 Saddleback Court, Emerald Ridge, Crozet, $415,000.

Robert S. Osborne, Trustee, to Forbes R. Reback, Trustee, 21 acres in Milton Village, $325,000.

Roy G. and Mary K. Hostetter to Patricia L. Barbara, 3243 Gateway Circle, Gateway Village Townhouses, $179,900.

Marjorie C. Hill to Jennifer M. and Katie B. Sombar, 1875 Easy Lane, Hollymead, $224,950.

Branchlands Professional Center to Anthony A. and Karen Valente, unit in Branchlands Professional Center on Incarnation Drive, $121,945.

Iva B. Wolfe to Paula and Robert L. Martin III, 0.75 acres at 5701 Park Road, $120,000.

Michael D. Horn and Janice L. Morris-Horn to Dale Mancuso, 3251 Darby Road, Glenmore, $637,100.

Skyline Home Builders LLC to James R. Cook Jr., 245 Buffalo Hills Road, Westview, Earlysville, $349,942.74.

Thomas C. Williams to D. Scott and Patsy T. Leonard, 5.0 acres on State Route 631, 1520 West River Road, Scottsville, $49,000.

James H. Fraley and Vinessa E. Alones to Frank P. and Doreen L. Vretos, Trustees, 2544 Kimbrough Circle, Meriwether Hills, $285,000.

VanDerLinde Housing Inc. to Shah M. and Martha Hanifi, 4966 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $368,678.

William H. Robinson, Trustee, to David L. and Linda Elsey, 936 King William Drive, Dunlora, $120,000.

Gayle A. Pryor to Carolyn A. Smith, 1312 Sycamore Court, Branchlands, $200,000.

George W. Payne to Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, 1594 Old Brook Road, Raintree, $282,600.

Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, to John M. and Lauren A. Williamson, 1594 Old Brook Road, Raintree, $285,000.

Mary W. Pollock, Trustee, to Elizabeth F. and Charles H. Foster Jr., 7.64 acres in White Hall district, $525,000.

Canterbury Building Company to Raymond M. Oster, 5.36 acres at 948 Cismont Ridge Road, Keswick, $331,000.

Vicente and Isabel Pantoja to Ramenga M. and Felistas Njoki Osotsi, 22 Georgetown Green, $159,000.

Kevin A. Vose and Diana L. Embler-Vose to Benjamin Kimball, 1293 Hillsdale Farm Lane, $88,500.

Jane B. Shannon to N. Scott Sacks and Cathryn Jespersen, 209 Turkey Ridge Road, Peacock Hill, $195,000.

Kevin S. and Katherine T. Crutchfield to Robert B. and Martha F. Osborne, Trustees, 1390 Sandown Lane, Glenmore, $1,262,500.

Charlene D. Newton to Lyndon K. and Cynthia C. Goodwin, 4268 Pigeon Top Trail, Brightlands, $585,000.

David A. Proffer to James A. Moewe, 2 Ridgeview Circle, Mill Creek, $165,000.

James A. Moewe to Keemko LLC, lot in Mill Creek, gift.

MacFarlane Homes Inc. to Christopher M. and Michele D. Ball, 1282 Piper Way, Glenmore, $475,000.

Robert A. and Michelle Lea Hanson to Jason and Laura Hull, 2121 Forsythia Lane, North Pines, $272,500.

Jason R. and Laura T. Hull to Richard L. Grandage, 1787 Hearthglow Lane, Fieldbrook, $257,000.



Kevin S. and Katherine T. Crutchfield to Robert B. and Martha F. Osborne, Trustees, 1390 Sandown Lane, Glenmore, $1,262,500.