Big sales, fast deals: Year in Review

Quickest turnaround

 700 Graves Street

Sold in 21 days for $185,000.


Most interesting

 Four story hydroelectric mill with 10 silos in Rapidan


One we can't believe didn't sell

 924 Rugby Road

A beautiful pink princess languishes on Rugby Road while ugly stepsisters are snapped up, a sad indication of the misplaced priorities of local princes.


Highest price per square foot

 Far Fields Lane, Western Albemarle

Not counting the 50 acres, this property costs $1,259.30 per square foot

photo by Philip Beurline


Houses we wish we could buy

 3211 and 3197 Lowesville Road

ASKING: $895,000

LISTED BY: Carole Saunders, Montague, Miller & Co.



 Dutch Creek Hollow

Naked Mountain

ASKING: $675,000

LISTED BY: Jim Bonner, Roy Wheeler Realty Co., 979-9200