Say what?: What's your resolution for 2004?

Matt Schaub, quarterback

 "To make my bed every morning when I wake up."


Felicia Rogan, winemeister

 "To keep my glass half full."


Lou Bloomfield, physics professor

 "To learn to say no more often."


Peter Griesar, songwriter

 "To ski the K-12."[sic]


Greg Smith, wunderkind

 "In 2004 as I move closer to my first Ph.D., I also plan to open many new clubs for International Youth Advocates and have a Child Safe Zone Symbol and Shelters established internationally."


Mark Warner, governor

 "I think it would be nice to get through a year in Virginia without the biggest budget shortfall in history, the largest power outage ever, a drought, record rainfall, snipers, or any of the calamities that have befallen us in the last two years. That's not even counting the earthquake that broke some dishes at Larry Sabato's house. So my resolution is to not have to ask for any Presidential Disaster Declarations in 2004. Unless something really bad happens...

"Oh, and exercise more and spend more time with my kids."


Jim Camblos, commonwealth's attorney

 "I hope to be able to drive to the new juvenile courthouse on the Meadowcreek Parkway."


Ken Staples, barber extraordinnaire

 "My New Year's resolution is to be able to come up with a good New Year's resolution in 2005."