Chief responds: It's all lies

I categorically deny the charges by Joy Lloyd of Louisa County [News, "Louisa tradition: New police chief raises hackles," December 11]. In my opinion, Lloyd is a little paranoid and fantasizes quite broadly.

At first I just ignored her allegations. Now I see she is intent on slandering and libeling me to the nth degree. She seems to be of the opinion that if you lie often enough, someone will believe what you have to say.

I am considering my options and trying to continue doing the job I was hired to do: enforce the law. I am listening to some citizens who have complained, and if I have offended them with my Yankee accent or confident– but not cocky or arrogant– behavior, I apologize.

But I will not apologize to those who excessively speed through our town or park illegally in handicapped spaces and in fire lanes because they are too lazy to park their car in a legal space and walk into a store. Please note for the record, Joy Lloyd has never been stopped by me, has never received a ticket from me, or been detained in any way.

Why this lady is doing what she is doing is known but to her. But to take such a radical approach and to attempt to smear someone's name and defame that person in the media is malicious.

As I have told the council and the press, I welcome any investigation into her allegations, and I have no fear of the results because I have not done any of the things she has claimed.

I will try to get on with doing my job and try to bring the Louisa Police Department and the citizens of the town closer together. All I ask is that you all remember we are human and we sometimes make mistakes.

But we hope to learn from these mistakes and improve upon our performance and service. I am fully cognizant that the power of the police department is derived from the citizens and that an officer's integrity must be aboveboard at all times. I will not betray the trust placed in my badge nor fail to show courage in the face of adversity. Thank you for letting me tell you the rest of the story.

Chief John I. Wilson
Louisa Police Department