Didja know? Secrets of the HotSeat sitters


KEN BOYD may jump through hoops when voting on school board issues, but he daydreams about shooting hoops for the ACC.


JOHN ISOM, retiring superintendent of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, knows about doing time: It took him 17 years to work his way through college.


Former UVA treasurer ALICE HANDY handles lots of money now with her new company, Investure, but nearly 40 years ago she was handling something else entirely: a baton. Handy was a high school majorette.


W. NATHANIEL HOWELL, former Ambassador to Iraq during Desert Storm, says going into the foreign service was no spur of the moment decision: He dropped his first name at age 10 to sound more "ambassadorial."


Sheriff CORNELIA JOHNSON might bust you for smoking the funny stuff, but you can catch her hanging out at her husband's smoking business, Cavalier Pipe and Tobacco.


When the going gets rough for Oakencroft Winery owner FELICIA ROGAN, she doesn't whine; she turns to her favorite comfort foods: caviar, smoked Scottish salmon, and warm foie gras.


 What do child genius GREG SMITH and delegate WATKINS ABBITT have in common? They both love Nascar!


Pick your drinking partners wisely: that's the lesson ALLEN HALE, who challenged Watkins Abbitt for his long-held delegate's seat, took away from his experience at a German Embassy party early in his foreign service career. Unbeknownst to Hale, he spent the night swilling scotch with a pair of KGB agents. Oops!


PETER GRIESAR may be best known for his musical career, but at home he plays papa to four chickens: Curtis, Wiley, Booty, and Ecstasy.


Charlottesville Circuit Court clerk PAUL GARRETT is a man of few words. In fact, he insists that he's "dull and boring." Can it really be true? Delegate Mitch Van Yahres says he'll "drink to that."


ARTHUR "TIM" GARSON, new dean of UVA's School of Medicine, has made a splash in his first year on the job but the splash he remembers most happened when he wore a live microphone into the men's room during a conference.


He's known for his quick moves, but UVA quarterback and onetime Heisman hopeful MATT SCHAUB says his perfect day involves something a bit less strenuous than football: "Get up, lie around, go to the pool, then lie around the house some more."


Who knew that Charlottesville City Manager GARY O'CONNELL once dreamed of shooting to rock stardom with his band The Shooting Stars?


KEN STAPLES is used to taming tresses, but he could have been taming lions had his father not caught him when, as a boy, he ran away with the circus.


The Reverend ALVIN EDWARDS may have a booming voice behind the pulpit, but don't let it fool you: He says he's actually a very shy introvert.


Long live the King! JAMES ROARK has no trouble channeling Elvis that's no surprise. But who could guess that his favorite T.V. show is the WB's Charmed?


Developer GABE SILVERMAN's rugged looks and old pick-up don't give a hint about his Walter Mitty fantasy: dressing up in women's clothing at Prada in NYC.


He may know something we don't know: Governor MARK WARNER, who made millions buying up cell phone airspace, says net worth is actually overrated. (Note: it may be best to learn that one on your own...)


For Live Arts artistic director JOHN GIBSON, the new century has brought a new and much-awaited building for his theater. But he's also "creeped out" by a number of 21st century entities: Thomas Kinkade paintings, color-coded terror alert levels, Altoid strips, and Anna Nicole Smith.


 When UVA professor LOU BLOOMFIELD wrote a computer program to snare cheaters, he never expected the fallout: 59 students were charged, and 20 of those were convicted and expelled. If anyone ever makes a movie about it, Bloomfield hopes Mr. Matrix himself, Keanu Reaves, will fill the professor's role.


They mostly rub shoulders with locals as hosts of 3WV's morning show, the Big Greasy Breakfast, but RICK DANIELS and MAX HOECKER each have celebrity secrets: Dr. Phil is Rick's uncle, and Max once dated Julianne Moore.


He's best known for his hands-on approach when he served as an Albemarle School Board member. But back in 1971, GARY GRANT had his hands in something a bit more morbid: corpses. He opened bodies for autopsies while living in Seattle.


 There's something about Sponge Bob: Author DAVID BALDACCI and Attorney General JERRY KILGORE both say watching Sponge Bob Square Pants is a great way to pass family time with their kids.


 His work schedule may be slowing down, but SATYENDRA HUJA, the city's director of strategic planning, says the most trouble he ever got in was for going too fast. He got a speeding ticket while his young children were in the car, and they've never let him forget it.


 JOHN CASEY has lots of literary fans, but the military may not be too fond of him. He once fired a shotgun at a low-flying Navy helicopter that was "bothering" him. What a bright idea, John!


 Former UVA rector HOVEY DABNEY received the Purple Heart for a WWII mission in which his plane was shot down over Budapest. Dabney jumped out of the plane and broke both ankles, but recovered after the incident to fly 24 more missions.


 Elected five times, Greene County Sheriff WILLY MORRIS is known for his take-no-prisoners tactics. But the tough guy apparently has a softer side: His favorite book is Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind.


JOHN CASTEEN has seen many things during his tenure as UVA president, but he's never witnessed one long-time tradition: streaking the lawn. (Don't get any ideas, now, students...)