Property transactions



Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Jay D. and Carolyn P. Hamm, 2005 Kemper Lane, Rivercreek of Dunlora, $315,950.

Charles E. and Jacqueline R. Woeppel to Todd W. and Michelle H . Cahill, 1375 Huntersfield Close, Glenmore, $475,000.

Michael A. and Elizabeth M. Poole to Henry H. Hubbard III, 1569 Birnam Drive, $140,200.

Sycamore Creek LLC to Skyline Home Builders LLC, 1227 Mountain Road, Beaver Creek subdivision, $225,000.

Nathan N. and Theresa A. Ratcliff to Brian Hope, 2304 Ravenswood Court, Ravenswood Forest, $196,000.

Marshall D. and Frances C. Garvey to James M. and Claire A. Culver, 3008 CopperKnoll Road, Forest Lakes, $284,000.

James A. and Terry A. Tower to Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, 1990 Bentivar Drive, $326,700.

Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, to Thomas J. and Ellen Jane Eckman, 1990 Bentivar Drive, Bentivar, $385,000.

Theodore M. and Eleanor G. Feinblatt to John C. and Debra J. Raines, 1455 Bremerton Lane, Glenmore, $400,000.

David P. and Rita F. Durrer to Keith J. and Kim D. Brown, 2.60 acres at 4280 Blenheim Road, $82,000.

Frederick E. and Antoinette VonLewinski to M. Charles and Judith B. McBee, 35.905 acres on State Route 641, 1871 Frays Mill Road, $1,425,000.

Alfred A. and Mary Norelli to Ronald L. Marcus, 3966 Garth Road, $2,275,000.

Annissa L. Payne to Anthony S. Drago and Rachel A. Warren, 2307 Finch Court, $149,000.

James B. Spence III, Trustee, to Tien Ngoc Ho and Jimmy V. Nguyen, 1097 Foxvale Lane, Foxcroft, $263,900.

Quarries LLC to Thomas O. Vinson III, lot in the Quarries subdivision, $69,500.

Habib Samady and Heather A. Frame to Elizabeth C. Bowman and Randolph T. Pendleton Jr., 1039 Still Meadow Crossing, Still Meadow, $399,900.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to James F. and Rachel S. L. Miller, 1754 Verona Drive, Fontana, $339,950.

William G. and Vicki J. Baldwin to Mary Scott Spaar Jonte, 101 Wildflower Drive, Key West, $394,400.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Christopher and Angela Oakley Brement, 1815 Clay Drive, Waylands Grant subdivision, $46,000.


I&J Home Builders LLC to GTF Homes LLC, lot in Western Oaks, $57,500.

SAM Enterprises LLC to James B. Spence III, Trustee, lot in Cory Farm, $55,000.

Legend Development Co. to Kevin M. and Melissa J. King, 1886 Clay Drive, Waylands Grant, $286,500.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Angel K. Ray, 441 Heritage Court, Redfields, $329,240.

Edmund J. and Christopher Daily to Route 240 Holdings LLC, 47.460 acres in White Hall district, $1,025,000.

James F. and Joann Farrell to J. Michael and Carol S. Mariscal, 5.860 acres on Route 810, $195,000.

J. Todd and Leah U. Daniel to Michael A. and Elizabeth M. Poole, 1096 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechums River, $187,250.

Christopher J. and Marcia Long to John Benick and Evelyn B. Meese, 275 Bird Street, Scottsville, $225,000.

JaZan LLC to Garrett and Robin Moore, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $88,000.

Ronald L. Baellow and Janet B. Spivak to Benjamin B. Peeler, 1782 Shelbourn Lane, Glenmore, $559,500.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $54,626.

Susan L. Booker to Dana C. Alston, 1289 Still Meadow Avenue, Still Meadow, $389,000.

Ward M. Kimble, Trustee, to Church Hill Redevelopment Co. LLC, lot in Glenmore, $270,000.

Willa P. Koretz to Phyllis Colman, 1.03 acres at 3640 Echo Valley Road, Barboursville, $161,500.

A. Craig and Cecilia M. Picinich to Duane Gran and Sarah J. Seltzer, 500 Fontana Drive, Fontana, $333,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to David J. and Ann F. McFarlane, 1266 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $233,179.

James B. Spence III, Trustee, to Harry A. and Sandra L. Marshall, 5309 Little Fox Lane, Cory Farm, $264,000.

Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership to Northpoint LLC, lot in Glenmore, $140,000.

Elizabeth V. Walter to Dorothy Webber, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $119,500.

Paulette B. Mann to Blanche P. Mann, 3.750 acres at South Lego Farm, gift.

Michael J. and Susan L. Charback to Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, 1880 Tinkers Cove Road, Hollymead, $220,400.

Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, to Igor N. and Natalya V. Olekhnovich, 1880 Tinkers Cove Road, Hollymead, $244,900.

Daniel D. and Stacy C. Light to Brendan F. and Leah M. Sherlock, 104 Guilford Lane, Hessian Hills, $247,000.

RJR LC to Redlands LLC, lot in Highlands at Mechums River, $65,000.

John E. and Susan L. VanHoomissen to Matthew and Barbara Treece, 2946 McLane Road, McLane Ridge, $280,000.

Charles V. and Sallie C. Darnell to Jason E. and Amy H. Life, 938 Fairwinds Lane, Western Ridge, $295,000.

Paul N. and Shannon H. Clark to James D. and Laura L. Ottaway, 1795 Owensfield Road, $629,000.

Gardens Investors LLC to Castle Gardens Shopping Center Ltd., six parcels at the Gardens Shopping Center, $4,990,000.


Michael A. and Pamela T. Johnson to Linda B. Caliga and Olivanne Coughlin, 1906 River Inn Lane, Still Meadow, $464,500.

Kevin L. and Sharon K. Keller to Neal S. and Thea M. Donaldson, 2042 Acorn Hill Court, Acorn Hill, $275,000.

Woodbriar Associates to Stephen T. Fryers and Sherrill M. Brown, 4740 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $177,725.

Branchlands Professional Center to Karin M. and Robert Gest III, lot on Incarnation Drive, $122,980.

Angelee G. Poindexter to Marc A. and Jennifer A. Bergin, 2.810 acres on State Route 640, Scottsville, $30,000.

James R. and Marjorie M. Paul to Richard L. and Nicole E. Grevious, 4605 Briarwood Drive, Briarwood, $179,900.

Margaret Marshall Lindsay to Hugh Ragsdale, 720 Exton Court, RiverRun, $147,000.

Graham P. and Carol L. Stewart to Eleanor V. Finger, 935 Nether Springs Road, Wavertree Hall Farm, $210,000.

Heinz J. and Edith Adam to Everett W. and Sally D. Fortner, 363 Normandy Drive, $540,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to John F. Gaffney, 3309 Merrick Court, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $182,450.


Quarries LLC to Scott O. Zeitlin and Jeh-Ping Liu, 102 Fontana Court, the Quarries, $72,000.

Sandal Inc. to Stephen A. Willing, 3.373 acres at 445 Burchs Creek Road, Crozet, $439,000.

Ming-Jay Jeffrey Wo to Brian Shott and Dinka Masic, 1209 Chatham Ridge, $156,000.

Joel M. and Ruth L. Harp to William A. Kittrell and Melissa S. Morrison, 1.232 acres at 5964 St. George Avenue, Crozet, $227,500.

Mary H. and Donna E. Ballard to Leonard E. and Ina E. Hofland, 1252 Fox Crest Way, $210,000.

James B. Spence III, Trustee of the Burton Family Land Trust, to Oludotun Akinola, 170 Deerwood Drive, Deerwood, $275,000.

Wendall W. Gibson Inc. to Ramakrishnan and Sangeetha Subramaniam, 829 Swan Ridge Drive, Redfields, $250,000.

Karen J. and Alex M. Johnson Jr. to Christopher I. and Catherine C. Shaffrey, 3325 Rosedell Lane, Rosemont, $835,000.

Brass Inc. to New Era Properties LLC, 4.516 acres on State Route 631, $2,800,000.

William G. and Dorothy W. Wood to Jesse L. and Dorothy W. Sexton, 2.171 acres at 3553 Pritchett Lane, $100,000.

Ken Wen how Houang to Michael S. and Mary-Jo D.Toms, 1372 Dunlora Drive, Riverwalk at Dunlora, $360,000.

Patrick S. Snell to Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, 200 Alpine Court, Mill Creek, $179,700.

Eleanore F. Walker, Trustee, to Dew LLC, 200 Alpine Court, Mill Creek, $197,523.

Robert A. and Patrice B. McKeel to Jason H. Daniel and Brenda L. Doremus-Daniel, 1010 Still Meadow Crossing, Still Meadow, $395,000.

Nancy P. Bagby to Jeffery C. Thomas, 4113 Earlysville Road, $157,905.



Karen J. and Alex M. Johnson Jr. to Christopher I. and Catherine C. Shaffrey, 3325 Rosedell Lane, Rosemont, $835,000.