The Stepford Hook?

I've learned so much from your paper lately. I used to think sexual harassment was a bad thing. Then your Brazen Careerist ["Make harassment work for you.," November 2] showed me that harassment, rather than a source of humiliation and stress, is an asset women can use to their advantage at work. That's terrific! Where do I sign up?

If that weren't enough, I used to think I hated this time of year. I've long gone out of my way to avoid major shopping areas from mid-October to early January. But now your feature writer Russ King presents hard scientific evidence that holiday shopping is only stressful for men, while we women by nature enjoy it [Essay, "In the genes: women hard-wired to shop," November 27]. Well, gosh. I feel better already– 29 North, here I come!

What other previously undiscovered pleasures or advantages to women will you feature in future issues of the Hook? I shudder to think.

Perhaps you should consider changing your name to the Stepford Gazette.

Cora Schenberg
Woolen Mills