Fearless won me a Dell

Regarding Fearless Consumer Barbara Nordin, I want to commend her column for the impact it had on my consumer problem reported last summer. Readers may remember that my Dell laptop had been crashing Word documents for 10 months or more, and I had talked to technical assistants from Austin to India at all hours of the day and night.

While I know Barbara's purpose is to report consumer problems, in fact, her call to Dell Corporate caused the powers that be to respond to my heretofore ignored letters.

Dell replaced my Dell 4100 laptop with its newly issued 5100, transferred my consumer contract, and sent me a carrying case at no charge. Within a couple of weeks, however, the problem with Word crashing occurred again, and Barbara called again.

This time, I was given a very competent member of the "Escalation" team who diagnosed the problem as a conflict between some extra MS "stuff" (programs not necessary or useful) and the operating system. He had me remove those programs and, bingo, Word stopped crashing.

Although I don't think of myself as superstitious, I waited to write a "thank you" to The Hook because I feared the program would revert to its old illness. But four plus months later, the patient appears cured.

I am deeply appreciative to Barbara and to The Hook, which features her great column on a regular basis.

Kay Slaughter