Reaction: "Oooohs" and "Ewwws" for ArtInPlace


The old adage "beauty's in the eye of the beholder" is illustrated perfectly by the artinplace project. Where one person sees twisted trash, another sees majesty. What do you think of these pieces?


"A Bad Case of the Mondays," in the median of 250 by the fire station. Artist: Rob Tarbell

Sam Abell:
"I like it. It's a handsome and arresting piece that works and lasts. But every time I go by it, I want to make the [] sign smaller. It's like a billboard. You tend to look at it. Eventually art needs to just be there."

John Armstead: "It's all right. It's classic. But it should be in a better place where you could view it."


"Mouth of Life," winner of the $1,000 Great Eastern Management Company Juried Prize, on McIntire Road near the recycling center. Artist: Deedee Moore

Christos Vangelopoulos:
"I think it's better than the lions. I like the rust. The cubes are kind of out of place. I wish they were painted; they're kind of stark in comparison with the rest of it."

Elizabeth Fennell:
"I like the scale, the materials, the inspiration. I like the mind that made that piece."


"IN-trospection," at the corner of Stadium Road and JPA (in the grassy round-about area)Artist: Greg Mueller

Becky Calvert:
"It's weird; it's a distraction. The best one was the tree on Preston."

Mark Check:
"It's pretty neat. I'd like to climb it."


"A Graceful View of the World," on Ninth Street by the Amphitheater and the Belmont Bridge. Artist: David Breeden

Meg West:
"Using a circle is so universal and connects with the world. I think the title is appropriate."

Jay Taylor:
"I think it's extremely industrial and reflects our stepping away from nature. It's okay; it didn't really speak to me."