Love on ice: Blind Date melts hearts

The Background

 A few weeks back, the doors to the Matchmaker's office swung open and in swept Kate, a Meg Ryan lookalike and fourth-year UVA student. "So, I want to do the Blind Date Challenge," she gushed, "and I figured I should sign up while I still have the nerve."

Certainly, by her own admission, having nerve has not been a problem for Kate. Last summer, without knowing a soul over there, she embarked on a bike tour of Ireland. She's also a budding independent filmmaker interested in taking artistic risks. Spontaneity, she explained, is an important trait in a potential mate, so Matchmaker set out to find her an adventurous soul.

Just one day later, the phone rang. "I have a really cute, really nice guy to nominate for the BDC," said a gal who's in the same psychology grad program as her friend, 24-year-old Peter.

So why didn't he enter himself?

"That's not really him," she explained, "but I promise you, he's hot."

Okay– it's always a good thing when a potential dater gets a second-party endorsement– it definitely reduces the likelihood of a prospect having two heads or a three-phase personality disorder. But what about spontaneity?

"He's definitely spontaneous," she promised.

A call to Peter confirmed him as a willing participant, and the date was made.


The Date:

 Some time ago, Matchmaker tried to send a couple to the Charlottesville Ice Park for some chilly fun, but at the last minute the plans changed fear of embarrassment or some similar lame excuse. Peter and Kate did not suffer such anxiety. They hit the ice and then crossed the Mall to warm up at The Mudhouse with some hot drinks and tasty treats.


Kate: It was the first time I had arrived on time to anything since the sixth grade. But no. Peter was already there when I got there– and thinking I was Little Miss Punctual, I didn't ask how long he'd been waiting. Then I checked the e-mail when I got home: 7:15, not 7:30. He never even mentioned it. Anyway, I saw this cute guy watching the rink and hoped it was him. Then Cute Guy turned, poked his head out and said, "Kate? I'm Peter."

Peter: While I was waiting, I watched people skate and tried to pick up some pointers. I was nervous because I haven't skated since I was, like, 14.


First impression?

 Kate: I was told Peter is "hot," and it turned out he actually is hot.

Peter: I thought Kate was really cute. She had a great smile and was outgoing and friendly right away.


How about style?

 Kate: I made fun of the UVA "uniform" of pink Polo, not even remembering that I was wearing Pink polo... and pearls. Peter's style is definitely more my style– when I'm not preppified by fratland. He was wearing a blue striped sweater, red hoody, khakis, hipster shoes. Ahh!

Peter: She was a good dresser. Not super trendy or anything, but cool. She was wearing jeans, a sweater, a red shirt underneath, and a fleece jacket.


How about beyond skin deep?

 Kate: Great eye contact.

Peter: Kate came across as a really sweet person.


What about the skating...

 Kate: I always get antsy about rental skate foot cooties, but the skates were very comfortable. I was really calm on the rink– something about elliptical motion maybe?

Peter: If we had been in a competition, she probably would have won.


Kate: Peter noted that it felt like middle school, and it so did. We were surrounded by Generation X-box. I always like getting outside of the UVA bubble.

Peter: The music was very middle school dancish. (Readers keep in mind that these two were in middle school in the 1990s!)


Did you hold hands? Fall flat on your face?

 Kate: We didn't fall!

Peter: We didn't hold hands– I was too concerned about falling down or running over a little kid.


Now, on to The Mudhouse...

 Kate: It was very crowded. We were both a tad self-conscious about telling the staff we were the Blind Date Challenge couple, but if we hadn't, it wouldn't have been free: a necessary evil. We are both tall soy chai's. And we ate a frosted pumpkin square and a peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chunky thingy. Yum to both.

Peter: We talked about stuff we do for fun, school, movies, books, music, families, usual stuff. We had similar tastes and opinions.


Kate: I've been told I'm a free spirit, and I'm definitely drawn to that in others. For example, Peter traveled Europe and went bungee-jumping in Switzerland after graduating from Wake Forest.

Peter: She does a lot of cool stuff, like review movie scripts.


Kate: Without his saying it explicitly, I found out that Peter keeps really good relationships with his family and friends over long distances. I'd never really thought about that before as a draw, but apparently it is.

Peter: She works for a service organization that I think is really valuable/important work, but also seems to be stressful and difficult.


Kate: I want to go into independent film, so I really enjoy the company of media-literate people– I have a lot to learn. He told me about a couple of films I really need to see, and he had even watched my favorite movie (again) recently.

Peter: Kate said she liked The Simpsons. I don't think I could date a girl who didn't think The Simpsons were funny.


How did it end?

 Kate: We went home! We were both admittedly very tired from the overwork/undersleep combo.

Peter: We walked to our cars and said that we wanted to see each other again. I was lame and didn't have my phone [to program her number into], but she was cool and took my number.


A kiss? C'monyou didn't have this good a time and then call it a night!

 Kate: If he tells, I'll tell.

Peter: A nice little goodnight kiss.


How would you rate the date on a scale of 1-10?

 Kate: 9, especially as this was my first blind date and definitely exceeded expectations. I'd give it full points, but I left room for another date. Wink.

Peter: 9, especially considering how the dates I've seen on television tend to go.


Do we need to askwould you see this person again?

 Kate: I'm crossing my fingers. And maybe my toes.

Peter: Definitely.

Apparently they meant what they said: Peter and Kate have been out at least five times since their Blind Date a few weeks ago. So it looks like it might have been love at first ice!