Ciderama needs follow-up

I was very intrigued by Hawes Spencer's article, "Pulp Friction," in the November 13th edition. However, I would like to point out some additional information.

First of all, future government regulations and unemployment may have been overlooked. I feel strongly about this subject, because I am the son of Scott Barnes, the owner and operator of Morris Orchard, and by the time the family business is handed over to me, who will know what kind of ridiculous government regulations will be in place? Prices of cider will skyrocket, making it unprofitable for the small American cider pressing businesses to continue. The only thing that will be standing in the wake of FDA regulations will be large nation-wide presses, such as Odwalla.

Corporate America will smother small business and lead to the unemployment of U.S. citizens.

Another controversial issue not represented in this article is the salmonella poising at Walt Disney World in 1995. This incident was about orange juice poising; the public needs to realize that cider isn't the only dangerous fruit juice on supermarket shelves. This particular incident hospitalized seven Disney guests, and sixty-two others contracted salmonella poisoning. The FDA needs to have similar standards for all kinds of juices to be fair and keep U.S. citizens safe.

Some final suggestions:

* more statistics of the percentages of people affected each year by E. coli in different cases,

* interviews with larger corporations who produce cider and health inspectors.

"Pulp Friction was a very well composed article; a follow up article could be a great idea.

David Barnes