Arty party: Museum gala honors Crosses

In university life, arts budgets fall way below things like the sports budgets. As at many other universities, art at UVA has been kept alive through gracious private donations of time, money, and energy.

Friday, November 21, the University said a big "thank you" to two such boosters. Ruth and the late Robert Cross were honored with a gala entitled "La Belle Epoque: The Legacy of Ruth and Robert Cross at the University of Virginia Art Museum."

The event began with a cocktail reception at Carr's Hill hosted by UVA President John T. Casteen III and his wife, Betsy. To say it was crowded would be an understatement. But everyone seemed to be having a smashing good time.

Following the reception, guests wended their way over to the University Art Museum, alight with red, purple, and gold lights that evoked cries of, "Wow! Look at that!"

After guests were seated for dinner, President Casteen presented the inaugural Volunteer Service Award to the Crosses. Ruth Cross was instrumental in the reopening of the museum 30 years ago when it was called the Bayly, and she and her husband donated 38 pieces of art in the following years. Ruth continues to assist the museum's volunteer and advisory boards and serves on the University's Council for the Arts.

You go, Ruth!

Andrew and Avril Somlyo like art, too.

Barbara Lee is having a good time.

President John T. Casteen III and his bride, Betsy.

If it wasn't an art museum, you'd think it was a rave.

Ruth Cross, this gala's for you, dear.