Want gifts? Stand by your man-- with hints, sizes

There's only one thing that can persuade most men to enter a women's clothes shop: underwear.

However, the experience is certainly not stress-free for most men as they awkwardly browse racks of straps, satin, and lace before choosing the bright red push-up bra with matching cheese-cutter thong. For others, there's the novel experience of discussing how much larger or smaller your endowments are compared to the helpful shop assistant's.

You can reduce most men's stress levels by writing down all your clothes sizes so he doesn't have to describe you having grapefruits or melons, or worry whether he should buy a size 12 or 14.

If he buys a size too small, he runs the risk of suggesting you need to lose weightjust as if he buys big, he may also imply that you need to shed a few pounds. You can always include your ring size with the measurement as a gentle hint!