Who let the dogs out? Paws walk benefits the SPCA

It was a big day for dog people on Saturday, November 15, when the SPCA held its first fundraising "Walk Fur Paws" event. Dogs and their owners sashayed along a three-mile course from ACAC Four Seasons, looped around Sam's Club, and ended up at the building site of the new SPCA. At the halfway point, volunteers and the UVA wrestling team were on hand to water the thirsty dogs and walkers.

It was hard to count the number of dogs, but it was certainly an impressive sight to see a line of canines a good quarter mile long winding along Berkmar Drive. It seemed like there was a dog of every breed, size, and shape– from a big timberwolf to a tiny toy poodle.

One media hound graced the group: Famous boxer Britta, the dog that was thrown from a bridge earlier this year, looked happy and healthy with her new owner, Jan-bas Van Beek.

Like many charity walks, participants were sponsored by friends and businesses. The team and the individual who raised the most money won grand prizes, but every walker received a free t-shirt and a bag of doggy treats. SPCA staff pronounced the event such a great success that they plan to make it a tradition.

So, if you missed it, get Fido in shape and go out next year and be leader of the pack.

Erica Hill's toy poodle, Sophie, gets a smooch from Shadow the timberwolf.

Erica Aviles braves the cold November day with her pooch, Susie.

First to finish the walk. From left, Ryan and Lori Basile with Dylan and Lance; Mike and Loretta Cronk with Molly; and Patty Luke with Noah

Jan-Bas Van Beek with the famous Britta and her pal Mika

The Georgetown Vet Team, the K-9 Cruisers, are so cool.

Dogs just have no manners when they're thirsty.

Dogs and walkers along Berkmar Drive

The UVA wrestling team does their good deed for the year.