Two sides to preschool story

In response to the letter to The Hook by Lori Mendez ["Daycare story should be told," October 30] regarding Bright Beginnings Preschool, my office manager, Diane Boland, and I offer these comments: First, there are always two sides to every story.

Secondly, I have known Michelle Morris for 10 years. She helped me care for my children for five years. I found her to be honest, bright, caring, and creative with my young children. I am appalled that Mendez would call Michelle the "bully" when Mendez clearly knows nothing of the legal situation surrounding Michelle's "record."

Thirdly, Diane Boland, who has known Michelle for 12 years as a friend and as her son's teacher, is dismayed at the lack of balance in The Hook's report, regarding Michelle's circumstances. Finally, although Mendez is fortunate enough to sit smugly at home with her children, not all parents are able to do so. I can only hope that other working parents might find someone as dedicated as Michelle Morris to teach and care for their children.

Virginia Barber, M.D.