Bright Beginnings is the bully

When I first submitted my concern to the Fearless Consumer ["Bright Beginnings: Violations galore vex center," June 26], I never imagined it might lead to subsequent articles or letters from readers. Letters printed almost weekly in The Hook prove just how important this issue is in our community.

Bright Beginnings is indeed the bully here. Bright Beginnings is bullying parents into thinking that they have little other choice, that turnover is as rampant in all daycare facilities; bullying employees by overworking and underpaying them; bullying our children by not following state compliance mandates, and not taking good care of the people who look after our children while we work.

For many parents, a job provides a roof over their child's head, food in that child's mouth, and not merely satisfaction for the parent in the workplace. Having gone through the process myself, I can attest that finding a daycare situation is an agonizing decision. Finding out that a daycare center is bullying everyone in its wake just to make a profit is even more agonizing. By making this information public, I hope other parents will be able to make better-informed choices about daycare facilities in Charlottesville.

I commend The Hook for pursuing and publishing my complaint. Kudos to the Fearless Consumer!

Heather Williams