PHOTOPHILE- Palm of her hand: Rita Mae captivates B&N gathering

On Tuesday, November 3, Barnes & Noble welcomed local superstar Rita Mae Brown. A solid crowd of 50 or so filled folding chairs in the Religion corner. Yes, Rita Mae Brown– famous feminist and queen of lesbian chic (Rubyfruit Jungle, Venus Envy)– was invited to speak in the Religion corner of B&N. Irony is good stuff.

Rita Mae is an amazing speaker: funny, intelligent, and charismatic. While she spoke a little about her foxhunting book, Full Cry, her larger focus was the state of the world and contemporary upheavals between men and women. Not a male bashing tirade, her observations were more a commentary on all that's changed since women gained access to the ballot box.

Hats off to B&N for providing such stimulation– in whatever section they want!

Brown's prolific writings

Cindy Green adjourns the audience with a big smile.

Brown has the crowd enraptured.

A towering display of
Full Cry

Katy McNamee contemplates Rita's muses.

Rita Mae Brown– a pro at articulation

An autograph and a dedication