No dollar: Grisham gives it away on Main

When John Grisham has a new book, he typically makes an appearance at New Dominion, a bookstore on the Downtown Mall. We checked in with the owner, Carol Troxell:

Do you have to pay Grisham to read and sign?

 Absolutely not. And we get him here because he volunteers. He adores meeting his readers; he's charming and polite every time.

How many come?

We issue 200 tickets at 9am, and we give away every one. There's always a line by 9am.

How many do you turn away on average?

Usually not too many. There aren't usually many more than 200.

Well, Charlotte is having to pay $75,000 in response to attendees' requests.

I understand it completely– he's very much in demand, people love him. But that's quite a sum.