Bright Beginnings seems dim

I could not believe it when I saw a letter in favor of Bright Beginnings. [October 23: "Stop bullying Bright Beginnings"]

I sent my child there, and she went through at least six different teachers. It's hard for a young child who has never been away from her parents to get attached to someone who they spend a lot of time with and then that person is yanked away to be replaced. I find it so upsetting that we as parents subject our children to this type of abuse. Are people so willing to sacrifice their child's welfare for their jobs?

Please just take the time to investigate this place if you are a parent. Pop in unannounced for lunch with your kids, stop by early to get them. Ask your kids questions.

I understand the need for daycare, but I think that if one gets as many complaints as Bright Beginnings, then it needs to be shut down. Like the one mentioned in your article, the Crozet branch seemed very understaffed. That posed accidents waiting to happen, in my opinion.

Your article also mentions the food portions. The portions were so small that my daughter would be starving when I picked her up after only four hours. At that young of an age, it's crucial for kids to eat as much as they can to develop properly.

As far as the letter titled "Stop Bullying Bright Beginnings," where the Hook is accused of being the class bully, I say, "bully on." There are many of us right behind you wishing that it would be shut down.

Jessiah Mansfield