Landon R. White to W. Duncan and Meredith M. MacFarlane, 2.36 acres on Jarman's Gap Road, $77,000.

Samuel H. Woodson Jr. to Debra Sue Woodson, 2.003 acres on Route 29, gift.

Scott A. and Elizabeth L. McLaughlin to Marianne C. Vlasis, 1251 Raintree Drive, Raintree subdivision, $261,500.

Sheila S. and Thomas C. McThenia Jr. to Richard D. and Joy L. Sorbo, 2858 Watts Passage Road, Stonefield, $358,000.

Robert C. and Joyce R. Harllee to Mona Griswold, 5.08 acres at 3070 Lonesome Mountain Road, $385,000.

Jen Shih and Lian Pin Lee to Dexing Zhang and Zhong-Ling Zhou, 210 Greentree Park, Greentree, $131,000.

Christopher L. Watkins to Kenneth and Jessica Crawford, 1946 Lonicera Way, North Pines, $353,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Jeffrey S. and Angela S. Turner, 3305 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $259,950.

Howard M. Carr to Sabino Campos Alonso, 2.57 acres on State Route 627, $10,000.

Ronald P. and Betty Jo Dominick Reyes to Gineane Holly and John A. Stalfort III, 270 Blue Springs Lane, Blue Spring Farm subdivision, $770,000.

VanDerLinde Housing Inc. to Anthony M. and Sandra A. Lyons, 4938 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, $267,000.

David B. and Loryl K. Cathcart to Robert B. and Mildred Z. Cathcart, parcel in Samuel Miller district, $72,370.

John and Isabelle J. Reeves to David and C. Sage Grubbs, 67 Oak Forest Circle, Oak Forest, $194,500.

John D. and Ilana W. Mann to Ilana W. Mann, 21 acres at 1248 Breezemont Drive, gift.

Carolyn J. and Charles W. Fortune Jr. to Nisha N. Mohammed, 1236 Raintree Drive, Raintree, $278,500.


Nora Yen and Shao Chaun Leng to Robert G. Davis Jr., 1458 Minor Ridge Court, $132,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Guyton Bowers and Jean Love Hammond, 1217 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $238,676.

Bevley F. and Carolyn B. Butler to Jennifer G. Butler, 0.45 acres at 2602 Hydraulic Road, $185,000.

MGR Development Corp. to Dhanvant H. and Devyani D. Goradia, 3.170 acres at 2417 Garth Road, $751,000.

Eugene M. and Regina P. Sullenberger to Robert E. and Nancy R. Adams, 3325 Coleman Drive, Waverly, $610,000.

Elizabeth Arnold to Doug W. Schallon, 1559 Birnam Drive, Birnam Wood, $160,000.

Robert J. and Marlee S. Forbes to John A. and Anita S. Davis, 98 Wildflower Drive, Key West South, $250,000.

Jackie L. Day to Monica G. Lynch, 1313 Wimbledon Way, LeParc, RiverRun, $217,000.



208 South Street LLC to South Street Apartments LLC, 208 South Street, $606,000.

Eric J. and Jennifer W. Vettell to Jacklyn Garfield, 1530 Oxford Road, $330,000.

James S. McCarthy and Kay S. Chaddick to Kia G. and Taije J. Silverman, 415 Second Street NE, $440,000.

Julian B. Adams to Margaret E. and Lloyd D. Brown, 506 Berwick Court, $88,400.

Joshua R. and John R. Simmons to Ian Pallini, 2424 Sunset Road, $147,500.


Canvasback Real Estate and Investment LLC to 106 East Main Street LLC, 104-106 East Main Street, $725,000.

Mary John Smith, Trustee, to Linda Brandon, 806 Rockland Avenue, $144,000.

Roger R. and Susan D. Fulton to High Street Enterprises LLC, 250 East High Street, $392,000.

Theresa R. McGraw to Martha A. and Stephen M. Preg Jr., 1611 Dublin Road, Johnson Village, $170,000.


Robert G. Lively to Jackson Smith and Kim S. Thompson, 111 Kent Terrace, $189,000.

Preston Stallings Inc. to Fluvanna Land and Development LLC, two parcels at Monticello Road and Carleton Avenue, $263,333.

Blair K. Williamson to Charles A. Holt, 1921 Lewis Mountain Road, $415,000.

Wendy Stafford to A. & J. Holdings LLC, unit in Arlington Court condominiums, $82,000.


George Bradford Cabe and Anne G. Chesnut to Anne G. Chesnut, 106 Marie Place, Greenbrier, pursuant to divorce decree.

Melinda H. Cardell to Robert C. Bowen, 140 Westwood Circle, $165,000.

Donna L. Herring to Adam C. Rhea and Angela B. Amin, 504 Elliott Avenue, $139,000.

Jason E. and Amy H. Life to Kelly C. and John M. Crafaik III, 1221 Greenway Road, $245,900.

K&K Development LLC to Grove Street Holdings LLC, two lots at Monticello Avenue and Carlton Road, $625,000.

Myron D. and Catherine T. Ripley to Chris and Amy McCartney, 2226 Brandywine Drive, $292,000.

Deborah B. Johnson to Roman and Mary E. Galysh, 866 St. Charles Avenue, $170,500.


Hoerr and Wells LLC to Design Electric Inc., 1119 East Market Street, Carleton Avenue condominiums, $1,260,000.

Maxine J. Baird to Cassandra M. Mathis, 1001 Druid Avenue, $175,000.

Julea R. Posey to Julia B. Stanton, 419 Moseley Drive, $190,000.


Brass Inc. to New Era Properties LLC, 54.003 acres in city and partly in Albemarle County on Fifth Street, State Route 631, $2,600,000.

Teresa L. Herndon and Charles L. and Lindsay H. Kidd to Mans G. Blackman and Andrea L. Spreter, 718 Montrose Avenue, $219,000.

Tim and Fuling T. Lum to A. DelGreco Wood, 2305 North Berkshire Road in "The Meadows," $170,000.

Damon E. K. and Lynn K. Osgood to Talia Lanyi, 109 Perry Drive, $190,000.


Thomas N. Parr to R. Frazier Solsberry, Kathleen M. and Janice C. May, 1012 Bolling Avenue, $135,000.

Randall J. Bungard to Jodie L. Lipkin, 804 Montrose Avenue, $155,000.

Dana T. and Robert W. Watson to Lisa F. Sacre, 1011 Altavista Avenue, $147,000.


John J. and Donna M. Coogan to Moises H. and Eunice J. Loredo, 740 Orangedale Avenue, $82,500.


Michael E. and Amalie S. Derdeyn to Thomas P. Torrisi and Elisa J. Niemack, $278,000.

David P. and Susan L. Dodson to Polly S. Burton, 1611 Trailridge Road, Johnson Village, $200,125.

William L. West to Rachel L. Pompano, 1009 Rougemont Street, $120,490.

Dolores R. Wallace to M. Patricia Goins, 1001 Ridge Street, $160,000.

Joseph W. Richmond Jr., Trustee, to Tarry Farm Ltd. Partnership LLP, 1108 East High Street, gift.

Joseph W. Richmond Jr., Trustee, to Tarry Farm Ltd. Partnership LLP, 209 Meade Avenue, gift.

L. Verburg Corporation to Best Buy Stores LP, 8.824 acres on Route 29, $7,530,000.

Charles W. and Deborah Walker to Drew L. and Pia T. Adler, 110 Chisholm Polace, $199,500.

Rita M. Felski to Betty Jo Reyes, 1610 East Market Street, $280,000.

Thomas K. Whitehead to Andrew O'Shaughnessy, unit in Maclin Building condominiums, 408 East Market Street, $340,000.

Marsha Jo Corbin to Alexandra R. McGee, 1321 Willow Drive, $128,000.

William J. Long Jr. to Gail I. Haley, 1018 Tufton Avenue, $160,000.


Lynn R. and William T. Anderson IV to John Dat Tran and Caroline H. Hall, 100 Danbury Court, $130,000.

Robert D. and Lois D. Craver to Andrew P. and Jena N. Brown, 100 Olinda Drive, Forest Hills, $155,000.


Barbara Chapman et al., to Matt Dawson Enterprises LLC, 768 Ridge Street, $80,000.

Archie L. Johnson to Eric Gilchrist and Deborah Caudle, 1207 Belleview Avenue, $138,500.

Gary L. Gough and Whitney L. Martin to Whitney L. Martin, 404 Riverside Avenue, pursuant to decree of divorce.

Whitney L. Martin to Elizabeth M. Srigley and William B. Maughan, 404 Riverside Avenue, $133,900.

Lewis LLC to Troy to Jillian Griffiths, 304 Palatine Avenue, $100,000.


Jeffrey S. and Angela S. Turner to David E. and Eleanor L. Mills, 135 Birdwood Court, $155,000.

Barclay S. and Amy T. Bright to Peter T. Borches and Elizabeth R. Myers, 1521 Oxford Road, $345,000.

Alan O. Maier and Robert Musselman, Conservators, to Jeff A. and Nicola Bialy, 117 Alderman Road, $335,000.



Canvasback Real Estate and Investment LLC to 106 East Main Street LLC, 104-106 East Main Street, $725,000.