Daycare story should be told

I was very upset to read the October 23 letter by Mark and Michelle Conner, "Stop bullying Bright Beginnings."

The Hook has done its journalistic job of keeping our community informed of happenings.

After reading the incidents happening in and around our community in child care, I realize I am fortunate to be able to stay home with my two children.

I am sure Michelle Morris is a "very kind and dedicated" woman. But the fact remains, she has a record. In my opinion– and the licensing agents', too– she is not fit to work around children.

An "assault and battery" means physical contact has been made. Evidently Morris was not able to conduct herself properly in a stressful situation. How stressful is a job working with children everyday? Is this who we want around our children?

Do the Connors condone this woman and her personal behavior? Sounds to me as if Morris is the bully– not The Hook.

Thank you, Hook. Keep up the good work. I am sure I am among many mothers who appreciate your unveiling of a very serious situation.

Lori Mendez