Tune in: Sisters' TLC makeover airs soon

If you're home during the day, you're all set. If you have one of those pesky day jobs, however, you may want to call in sick, or at least make sure your lunch hour gets you home by noon on Tuesday, October 28.

That's when The Learning Channel's hit show, A Makeover Story, features two local women and two local businesses in an episode titled "East meets West."

As first revealed in The Hook in July, sisters Victoria and Sahara Muradi were selected from hundreds of applicants, and the show's assistant producer, Erin Sullivan, says it was their story that set them apart. The Muradi family came to the United States in 1982 from war-torn Afghanistan.

Big sis Victoria, a graduate of Smith and Harvard, has a prestigious position as assistant dean of admissions at UVA. Younger sister Sahara moved in with Victoria this year to finish school at Monticello High.

Sullivan says that in addition to being "very attractive," the duo offered an opportunity to do a makeover and a makeunder. Victoria wanted a sophisticated look to match her new career; Sahara was spending too much time getting ready for high school each day and needed to streamline her routine and simplify her style.

Water Street clothing and gift boutique Eloise was up to the challenge of dressing both women, and Vanity Salon on High Street was charged with hair and makeup.

In July, Victoria told The Hook she and her sister were thrilled with their looks. But have they maintained them in the past three months?

"I have," says Victoria. "I'm a full client at Vanity now." And Sahara? "She's reverting to her old ways," Victoria reports.

Neither sister has been given an advance screening. So how do they feel about their upcoming national exposure?

"We're both very nervous about it," says Victoria. "With all the editing, you wonder how you're going to be portrayed."

Sahara waits for a new outfit at Eloise.