Stop bullying Bright Beginnings

My husband and I were so disappointed to find yet another negative piece on Bright Beginnings in your paper– and now, this personal attack on one of their teachers! [October 10: "Non-fired worker: More flaws at Bright Beginnings"]

Michelle Morris was our oldest son's teacher for a year. She is a dedicated, exceptional, early education teacher and was a wonderful influence on all the children in her class.

Mark and I have a theory: We think that if The Dave Matthews Band were somehow involved with Bright Beginnings, all your stories about them would be glowing.

We get that The Hook is trying very hard to be hip and edgy, but let's not forget about simple decency in the process, huh? Your constant one-sided attacks against Bright Beginnings is hurting people, and now has cost a kind, dedicated woman her job.

Quite frankly, you remind us of the class bully.

Mark and Michelle Conner