Don't disparage babysitters

I am writing to take issue with Penelope Trunk's article, "Resume Rules" [The Brazen Careerist, October 16].

Much of her advice was great, but not her condescending reference to "babysitting jobs." On these experiences, Trunk suggests, "You need to make even stupid jobs sound only marginally stupid."

As an aspiring teacher, the majority of my experience with children has been obtained through "babysitting." My resume will consist of babysitting jobs, work that I take great pride in.

Caring for children is a career, with babysitting being one aspect of the field. In fact, Trunk may be surprised to learn that many professional nannies are required to submit resumes before being hired. It's time our society stopped viewing those who care for children as incapable of doing anything else.

In reality, many individuals choose to work with children because they love being around young people. I personally feel working with children is the best way I can make an impact the world. When I write on my resume "Managed household, while providing a loving environment for children to grow and learn," it won't just be to "boost up a stupid job." These words will be from my heart, describing exactly the job I performed.

Jennifer S. Graham

The Brazen Careerist apologizes for the slight.–editor