Property Transfers



 Christopher D. and Laura D. Cook to Ivan N. Ratestic, 118 Westwood Circle, $180,900.

Beverly C. Bishop to Patricia Joan Weis, 120 Waterbury Court, $133,000.

Peter L. Gibbes, Trustee, to Bruce C. and Joan Binney, 1622 Rose Hill Drive, $209,000.

Peggy Ann and Richard Lee Rose to Alexandra L. Bredenko, 1304 King Street, $144,000.

Lorna L. Walker to Thomas H. and Judith J. Campbell, unit in Lewis & Clark Square, 250 West Main Street, $280,000.

Jeffrey D. and Jill A. Tatum to Franz R. Richey, 2218 Banbury Street, Greenbrier, $170,000.

Kathryn H. Scribner to Eric J. and Souzanne A. Wright, 1505 Westwood Road, $196,000.

Gresham M. and Carla A. Sykes to Siva Thiagarajah, unit in McGuffey Hill condominiums, $380,000.

Richard H. and William J. deButts Jr. and Mary D. Strother to 1817 House LLC, 1211 and 1213 West Main Street, $800,000.

Eric T. and Francine B. Jensen to Karen Asaro and Kendra Robins, 2749 McElroy Drive, $196,000.

John P. and Sophia S. Farmer to C. W. James VanMilder, 1613 Greenleaf Lane, $262,500.

Virginia D. Yarboro to Katherine Gale Chapman, 317 Fairway Avenue, $115,000.


Michael B. and Dawn Dorsey to Steve P. Rutherford, 103 Waterbury Court, $127,500.

Mesa Associates to Sander and Amy S. Mayer and Jeffrey J. Cohen, 2014 Lewis Mountain Road, $310,000.

Wendell W. Gibson to Brendan R. Matthews and Margaret M. Keller, 809 Moore Avenue, $225,000.

Dunham Center Ltd. and Douglas S. Allen, et al., to VanDerLinde Housing Inc., two lots in Meadows subdivision, 2114 Angus Road, $2,550,000.

Timothy and Beverly L. Supler to Robert C. and Joyce R. Harllee, 105 Locust Lane Court, $225,000.

Thomas W. and Elizabeth C. Leidner to William G. and Shannon Worrell Chapman, 132 Cameron Lane, $640,000.

Scott C. and Susan E. Burke to Martin Yates, unit in the Corner Village, Wertland Street, $82,500.

Glenn E. and Victoria C. Branham to Benjamin Johnston, 1304 Midland Street, $130,500.

Judy L. Savage to Elizabeth L. Carter, 912 Locust Lane, $179,900.

Mary Elizabeth Driskill to Carl E. Owens III, 850 West Street, $142,500.

Jonathan and Megan Kauffmann to Mary John Smith, Trustee, 810 Rockland Avenue, $152,000.

James M. Chatlani to Wesley A. Frye, 324 Riverside Avenue, $118,700.

Lonnie and Bertha M. Vest Jr. to Michael P. McMahon, 301 Fifth Street SW, $135,000.

James R. Cook Jr. to Mark A. and Laura T. Humbertson, 812 Valley View Circle, $212,500.

Alissa O. Carter to Roger Wood, 508 Rockland Avenue, $76,500.

Dorothy L. Kuss, Judith M. Sweet, and W. Ivar Mawyer to Douglas D. and Sterling M. Hudson, 1449 Rugby Avenue, $189,500.

Elizabeth Sue Anne Mawyer to Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia, 430 Monroe Lane, no price given.


Charles A. and Patricia D. Frye to Wesley A. Frye, 718 Orangedale Avenue, gift.

Wesley A. Frye to Angela M. Garland, 718 Orangedale Avenue, $70,000.

Kara Gloeckner to Jackson Landers and Patricia Smith, 613 Shamrock Road, $162,000.

Adam Wolpa to James A. and Marie D. Ryan, 134 Stribling Avenue, $181,500.

Allan H. Cadgene and Gabriel Silverman, Trustees, to Joseph F. Mallory, 402 Dice Street, $125,000.

Edward P. Smith and Tracy Landon to Andrew W. and Allison Snowhite, 1013 St. Clair Avenue, $249,700.

David A. and Patricia L. Hall to Wesley G. and Danielle W. Steiner, 1220 Agnese Street, $216,000.


Mei James Ho and Maria J. Ho to Kevin J. Grimm, unit in Brandon Avenue condominiums, $96,000.

Donna Lorraine Bartlett to Karen L. Vandecar and Lisa D. Green, 216 Chestnut Street, $162,500.

Ashok D., Gita R., and Anand A. Ajgaonkar to Elizabeth Sue Ann Mawyer, two lots on Mulberry Avenue, $165,500.


Kellytown LLC to Rae Development Corp., two lots in Madison Place PUD, $160,000.

Truman W. Armstrong Jr. to Jonathan T. H. Armstrong, 606 Druid Avenue, $146,000.

Sheila Lynn Flectcher and Daniel W. and H. Jerry Fielding to Wendell W. Gibson and Rebecca I. Crowe, 123 Summit Street, $160,000.

Diversified Property Investing LLC to Johne F. Girdley and Ida Simmons, lot in Idlewood subdivision, gift.

Joseph F. and Dorie A. Mallory to Ruben J. and Brenda E. Castaneda, 305 Seventh Street NW, $155,000.

Berhane Melles and Assegedgch Begaga to Stephen P. and Patricia P. Harder, 603 Hinton Avenue, $132,000.


Madison's II LLC to Stephanie VanHover, Trustee, 105 Tripper Court, $319,000.

Donna M. Powell to Gail J. Mankie, 517 Rougemont Avenue, $80,000.


Junior League of Charlottesville to XQZ Real Estate LLC, 317 East Main Street, $435,000.

Lane E. Bonner III to Sena A. Floyd, 710 Anderson Street, $100,425.

Claude L. Kennedy to Debbie E. and Roger L. Henry Sr., 108 Shale Place, Willoughby, $168,000.

Susan and Henry S. Creasy IV to John T. and Loretta L. Delehanty, 645 Evergreen Avenue, $399,900.


FNRI LLC to Fifth Street Development LLC, 206 Fifth Street SW, $202,500.

Shirley V. Smith to Jeffrey D. and Susan m. Lanterman, 712 Nalle Street, $81,000.

Margaret L. Johnson to Thomas H. Wyllie Jr., 1916 Thomson Road, $187,500.

Glenn E. and Victoria C. Branham to Michael D., Janice C., and Kera M. Lugar, 906 Rockland Avenue, $95,000.

Alexis Ann Halley and Bayard Lacey Catron III to Roberto A. and Cheryl Lynn Gomez, unit in McGuffey Hill Condominiums, 305 Second Street NW, $228,000.

Eric R. Baer to Walter T. Slawski and Ashleigh E. Owens, 2306 Highland Avenue, $298,000.


Edward L. and Emily E. Drake to Carrboro Limited Partnership LLP, 926 King Street, $116,000.

Edward L. and Emily E. Drake to Carrboro Limited Partnership LLP, 922 King Street, $105,000.

Springwater LLC to Adam L. Frazier, 707 Graves Street, $173,500.

[At the request of a party to this transaction, alleging harassment from a third party, this transaction has been stricken from the web archive.]



Junior League of Charlottesville to XQZ Real Estate LLC, 317 East Main Street, $435,000.