Property transactions



Joshua M. and Christina M. Greenhoe to Thomas M. and Kristin A. Grimes, 1153 Foxchase Ridge, Foxcroft, $295,000.

Jessie C. Somers to Joseph N. and Dolly H. Purvis, 1242 Gazebo Court, Branchlands, $179,900.

Haunted Hollow LLC to Jeffrey C. Thomas, 5.416 acres at 3405 Haunted Hollow Road, $20,000.

William L. and Deborah Angel to Ina E. Arnold, 1 Ridgeview Circle, Mill Creek, $151,800.

David E. Dresner and Nancy Kozlowski to Lindsay and Wendy J. Ellis, 79.23 acres on State Route 640, $280,000.

Vladimir F. and Galina V. Yamshchikov to Gregory and Tracy Turk, 2065 Tavernor Lane, Forest Lakes, $259,900.

John Q. Wagner to Joseph H. and Diane S. Cobb, six parcels at Lake Albemarle, $30,500.

Canterbury Building Co. to Steven W. Bullock, 2.004 acres at 1704 Lindsay Road, Gordonsville, $138,000.

David N. Mitchell to Nancy L. Mitchell and Walter C. Morris II, 2.01 acres at 376 Bluebird Lane, $225,000.

Deborah M. and Bruce E. Prum Jr. to Richard P. and Judith R. Warner, 103 Bennington Court, Hessian Hills, $281,900.

Alan J. and Daisy McTeague to Joan Rudel, unit in Brookmill condominiums, 593 Pebblecreek Court, $177,900.

James H. Wood to Lisa H. Atwell, 5.0 acres on State Route 719, $45,000.

Joseph C. and Sue A. Driscoll to Panteleimon Oikonomides, 1246 Clifden Green, RiverRun, $144,000.

William D. Tucker IV to Michael Paschall, 1210 Chatham Ridge Road, RiverRun, $87,650.

Ralph C. and Florence M. Steger to John H. Knight Jr., 1512 Lake Forest Drive, Four Seasons, $237,500.

Dirk Stevens and Saskis Cremers to John C. and Tracey V. Hill, 192 Blackthorn Lane, $245,000.

Bruce E. Alayof to Eugene and Angelia Baime, 2126 Timber Pointe Road, Forest Lakes, $205,000.

John G. Desmond, Trustee, Belvedere Station Land Trust, to Alfred A. and Mary Elizabeth Norelli, 2247 Shepherds Ridge Road, Dunlora, $287,300.

GGB Corp. to John A. and Catherine C. Kern, 1440 Plains Drive, Church Hill West, $965,000.

Barry Meade homes LLC to James E. and Jennifer S. Igo, 506 Rolling Valley Court, Foxcroft, $268,013.

Westminster Canterbury of the Blue Ridge to Pantops Group LLC, 2.63 acres on Pantops Mountain, $1,150,000.

Sallie M. Motch to Jack G. Steinberg and Theresa A. McClanahan-Steinberg, 4.687 acres at 210 Campbell Road, Keswick, $495,000.

Mary C. Grilli to Nicholas S. Waters, 202 Westbrook Place, Woodbrook, $262,000.

RJR LC to Redlands LLC, parcel in Highlands at Mechum's River, $65,000.

Redlands LLC to M. Gabrielle Hall, parcel in Highlands at Mechum's River, $274,723.

Michael A. and Cindy C. Sheffield to Felipe C. Mendoza, 3000 Proffit Road, Jefferson Village, $199,000.

Patricia H. Werhane to Robert E. and Ivy F. Weitzner, 1.630 acres at 104 Falcon Drive, Colthurst Farm, $530,000.

Carolyn D. Smullen to Wallace M. Forloines, 1019 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $196,000.

Stephanie D. Debruhl to M. Julia Kelly, parcel in Four Seasons, $107,000.

Timothy M. and Jennifer E. Tisler to James T. and Thelma M. Belcik, 312 Leaping Fox Lane, Foxcroft, $267,000.

Rin Ran Associates to Jeffrey Carleton, 3596 and 3544 Rin-Ran Farm Road, Esmont, $2,100,000.

Edward T. and Suzanne D'Elicio to BL Ventures Inc., 3028 Proffit Road, $192,000.



Rosemary Tyler et al. to Clark and Erin Nesbit, 926 Henry Avenue, $130,000.

John T. and Helen S. Laury to Anne E. Albright, 305 Second Street NW, unit C, McGuffey Hill condominiums, $415,000.

Keith Woodard to Camden Plaza, 304 14th Street NW, no price given.

Maura Duffy to Matthew W. Shields, 803 Bolling Avenue, $172,000.

Alan and Ashley P. Zapata to Bernard L. Seward Jr., 112 Locust Lane Court, $218,833.

Craig Littlepage et al., Trustees of Mount Zion Baptist Church, to Main Street Associates, 105 Ridge Street, $500,000.


Fannie E. and Mitchell J. Williams Sr. to Mitchell J. Williams Jr., 621 Booker Street, gift.

Christopher P. and Melissa Burtner to Sarah L. Peale, 513 Avon Street, $255,000.

Carroll S. Leathers to Paul H. and Nancy T. Blaney, 915 King Street, $165,000.


John D., John W., and Jeanne A. Collier to Betty L. McClanahan, 210 Fifth Street SW, $78,000.

Charlotte E. Biern to Christopher E. and Rose B. Keane, 1625 Greenleaf Lane, $196,000.

Steven E. and Renae A. Kavlock to Julie I. and Stephen T. Basic III, 106 Village Court, $190,000.

William L. and Kristie L. Bader to Sean L. Barnes, 10 Waterbury Court, $154,600.


R. Wayne Thomas and Mary A. Durrer to Great Point LLC, 705 Graves Street, $175,000.

Craig D. and Natalie M. McClain to Robert J. and Krista L. Schneider, 1704 Cherry Avenue, $165,000.

Allen A. Baidley to Robert Sack, unit in Lewis & Clark condominiums, 250 W. Main Street, $200,000.


Keamer B. Wetzel to Scott McCool and Samara Landers, 2720 McElroy Drive, $180,000.

John F. McVea and Laura C. Dunham to Noreen and Thomas W. Fruscello Jr., 945 Rosser Lane, $377,000.

John and Donna M. Coogan to Thomas G. Selinger, 1039 Fifth Street SW, $78,000.

Terry W. and Nancy E. Sisk to Andrew Boninti et al., 612 Wine Cellar Circle, $150,000.

Petar and Danica Dobric to Geraldine R. Henderson, unit in Charlottesville Towers condominiums, 511 N. First Street, $96,000.

Daniel J. Miller to Ronald P. Reyes, 2223 Greenbrier Drive, $239,000.

Kristen T. and James H. Corvan III to Michael and Amalie S. Durdeyn, 102 Peterson Place, $389,000.


Robert L. Porter and Leslie P. Rittenberg to Linda Noble, 701 Highland Avenue, $181,500.

Ernest P. and Melissa M. Richardson to Petar and Danica Dobric, 1204 Holmes Avenue, $184,000.

Matthew Dawson to Andrew B. Shurtleff, 775 Ridge Street, $167,500.

John C. and Amy A. Paschold to Ilona O. Kastenhofer, 107 Amherst Commons, $291,000.


James D. East to Peyton Tochterman, 1104 Sycamore Street, $180,000.

DTMP LLC to Keith Woodard, 101, 105, 107, 111 East Main Street and two lots on East Market Street, $1,800,000.

Martin and Raynor, Substitute Trustees, to ZeMac Properties LLC, 1231 Agnese Street, $164,000.

Brian Bouton to Brian Bouton and Maryann S. Sobhany, 1527 Oxford Road, gift.


Nancy E. Carter and Norma J. Bailey to Overlook Ventures LLC, 1155 Kensington Avenue, $266,000.

Pangean Properties LLC to Capstone Properties LLC, 936 Henry Avenue, $79,900.

William G. Baldwin to Scott E. Abbott, 1231 River Vista Avenue, $145,000.

Avon Street LLC to James W. Walker II, 401 Avon Street, $430,000.

Catherine H. Graves to Bozana, Panto, and Anja Cetic, 401 Fairway Avenue, $143,000.


Lenwood A. and Ida B. Johnson to Jack F. and Margaret S. Thompson, 301 Old Lynchburg Road, $175,900.

Ellen Inez Drakeford to Joseph Mallory, 315 Six and l/2 Street NW, $75,000.

Daniel J. McGarry to Paul M. Madden, 210 Sixth Street NW, $247,500.

Shawn H. Schooling to Katherine Kelly, 2607 Jefferson Park Avenue, pursuant to separation agreement.

Katherine Kelly to Katherine Kelly and William K. Williams, 2607 Jefferson Park Avenue, gift.

Jane K. Riew to Ralph and Phyllis P. Feil and Peri S. Wentworth and Bethany W. Feil, 1403 Hazel Street, $185,500.

R. L. Beyer Construction Inc. to Peter L. and Kathleen J. Rodriguez, 103 Kelsey Court, $339,900.


Larry R. and Lynne J. Pilot to Stephanie K. and James K. Herndon Jr., unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, 1910 Jefferson Park Avenue, $104,000.

Gary W. and Eileen Gallagher to Gary W. Gallagher, 2033 Hessian Road, Medowbrook Hills, pursuant to separation agreement.

Laura L. Settle to Milton and Esther M. Mozie, 315 Six & l/2 Street SW, $175,000.

Bank of America and Eunice M. Jackson to Cyndra Flynn, Trustee, 410 Seven & l/2 Street SW, $80,000.

William M. and Kelley Hunt to Michael J. and Karin M. Dunn, 201 Palatine Avenue, $185,000.


Marjorie D. Williams to John and Amanda Worozbyt, 1114 Sherwood Road, $195,000.

Maurice J. and Elizabeth D. Noelle Davis to Gregory W. and Mary E. Roberts, two lots at 907 Martin Street, $269,500.

Priscilla P. and F. Wyatt Shields III to Trienet P. Coggeshall, 1804 Chesapeake Street, $287,500.

Bruce R. and Susan M. H. Shifflett to Kalina L. Tanner, 410 Arbor Circle, $122,300.

W. Scott and Caroline C. Megahan to Heather Clements, 1706 E. Market Street, $118,300.

Ronald G. and Libby J. Woodson to Susan Lee Schiffer, 709 Nalle Street, $130,000.

Andrew P. and Avril V. Somlyo to Carol F. Innes, condominium unit in Queen Charlotte Square, 225 East Jefferson Street, $280,000.


Rebecca Baird and Dedris Brill to Thayer A. Reback, 1341 Chesapeake Street, $155,000.

David G. Wiesler and Julia W. McCrae to Adam P. and Rebecca P. Peters, 1008 Glendale Road, $181,500.

Glenda F. and David E. Walton to Kevin P. and Amber Lynn Rowland, 1320 Hampton Street, $139,900.


Elizabeth W. Saft to Christie K. Lee, 1108 Welford Street, $295,000.

Hilary M. Alger and Chris W. Sanchirico to Henry F. and Mary W. Oakey, 1801 Rugby Place, $425,000.

Page Street LLC to Allyson N. Crawford, 1117 Page Street, $127,950.

Mary L. and Theodore M. Early Jr. to Richard J. Brewer Jr. and Denise Y. Lunsford, 708 St. Charles Avenue, $80,000.

John J. and Donna M. Coogan to Gloria R. Walker, 1017 Fifth Street SW, $80,000.



Rin Ran Associates to Jeffrey Carleton, 3596 and 3544 Rin-Ran Farm Road, Esmont, $2,100,000.