Hot-blooded: Foreigner rocks Sundays after 3!

Not only did Hurricane Isabel knock down trees, cut power, and create flooding here and there, she almost cancelled Foreigner! The glorious late '70s/early '80s glam-rock band was scheduled to play Fridays September 19, right around the arrival (departure, as it turned out) of Hurricane Isabel.

Since bands are guaranteed payment, show or no show, the Fridays' organizers didn't want locals standing in the rain, in a heavy downpour. So they opened up September 28, a Sunday, to the jukebox heroes.

With the temperature around 70, no humidity, and massive white clouds in a blue, blue sky, this particular Sunday was probably one of the best-attended "Fridays" to date. A large crowd of hot-blooded forty-somethings relived their glory days shaking and grooving down in front of the stage. Many of the little kids kept their fingers in their ears because sounds from the two 20-foot PA towers nearly flattened the audience.

If you're a fan, perhaps this show felt like the first time. Foreigner played great, sounded great, but looked like they've spent some years on the road. A noble effort, and I raise my $3 beer to Fridays' organizers. Ahhhhh. Cold as ice.

Michelle Campbell spends her Sunday checking IDs. What a trooper!

Jenine Kaznowski of Voices for Animals takes charge of the beer taps. Mmm... Red Hook.

Now that's some American Pride.

World famous frontman Lou Gramm keeps on rocking.

Insert standard rock yell here.

Those towers are pretty big.


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