Strike out: The Challenge goes disco-bowling

The Background

When you're wearing four-tone shoes and throwing gutter balls, it's hard to look hip. But add in a light show and some rockin' dance music, and James Dean couldn't match the cool factor. Well, something like that.

This week's couple: Chris, a 27-year-old computer guru, and Bridget, a 28-year-old who recently earned a degree in journalism and foreign affairs. The two professed similar interests: music, good food, and a willingness to "try something new."

Ask and ye shall receive! When informed that they'd be heading to Kegler's on a Saturday night for "Extreme Bowling," both laughed nervously, but– good sports that they are– each quickly agreed to the plan. Dinner first at Copacabana provided a touch of Brazilian class to balance out the kitsch. Was their date a strike or a strike out? Read on.


The Date

Chris: I arrived at Copacabana after Bridget. She was waiting at the table when I got there.

Bridget: Chris arrived five minutes after me. He was impeded by trying to explain to the hostess that he was here for the Blind Date Challenge. She apparently didn't know what he was talking about. I was about to go and rescue him.


Chris: First impression? I was impressed by her friendliness and self-confidence.

Bridget: My first impression was that he was the stereotypical nice guy that all the girls want to be friends with, and then when he's taken, they realize that they've missed out on a good thing. I found him physically attractive.


Chris: Copacabana was awesome. I'll definitely be going back. I had a great grilled chicken dinner with pineapple sauce and potatoes. Washed it down with some Brazilian beer called Xingu. I'll have to track it down elsewhere; it reminded me of Guinness, a personal favorite of mine, but Xingu's a little easier to get down. The service was first-rate.

Bridget: I ate the wonderful Brazilian dish named moqueca. It was a rice and seafood dish with a tomato sauce. It was fabulous. We were too full for dessert.


Chris: Bridget and I talked mostly about her background. It was interesting that she has lived in so many different countries and has been exposed to so many different cultures. It sounded like an exciting way to grow up.

Bridget: I found out that his father is an engineer and his mom's a bacteriologist.


Any awkward moments?

Chris: Not really. Throughout the night, she wasn't afraid to be herself, and that's all too rare nowadays.

Bridget: The most interesting thing that happened was that two of my friends came to check out my date. They had said they were going to come to the restaurant, but I didn't think that they would actually do it. When I saw them come in and sit down, my eyes got as big as saucers. I said, "My friends are here." They were discreet, though. They apparently sat behind us.


Now, to Kegler's...

Chris: I hadn't bowled in years, but I had a lot of fun. They had the lights turned down over the lanes, black lights on the pins, and disco balls rotating over the lanes. It was a little cheesy, but that's what I thought was so fun about it. Regular bowling seems a little boring now.

Bridget: The bowling was a riot. Chris won. He surprised me with his bowling skill. I, however, have no skills.


Any romance at the end?

Chris: After bowling a couple of games, we called it a night and said our goodbyes.

Bridget: The very end of date was very cut-and-dried. He walked me to my car and said good luck with work and then got into his car. There was no hug or kiss. There was no weird moment wondering if he was going to make a move.


Would you go out again?

Chris: Dinner was great, and bowling was fun, but I don't think we'll go out again. She's a nice person, but we really didn't have much in common. There wasn't a spark or a real connection. I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who are right for her, but it wouldn't be a good fit between us.

Bridget: Sure, I'd go out with him, undecided if as friends or something else.

How would you rate the date?

Chris: I'd rate the date a 7. Dinner was great, and bowling was fun.

Bridget: 7


Quote of the night

"Two of my friends came to check out my date. They had said they were going to come to the restaurant, but I didn't think that they would actually do it."


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