How has Isabel affected your life?

Mervyn Reedy: "It made it difficult with all the power outages. The daily commute back and forth to school is more difficult. A lot of my friends have trees through their houses."

Claude Sandy: "Dramatically! You should be able to tell standing this close to me, I haven't had a shower in two days. We've been without power and water for four days now. Were making out okay, but it's hard to sleep through the darkness."

Ray Beard: "It hasn't affected me at all. I have power, cable, water. I have a few downed trees. I feel for those who don't have power. It's been devastating for some people, but some have had a good time with cookouts."

Brittany Whitelaw: "I had no electricity, I couldn't take a shower for a couple of days, and my food went bad. I expected it to be much more exciting."