PHOTOPHILE- Giddyup, giddyup... Model-Ts, 409s, and modifieds wow 'em

It was, perhaps, only the die-hard car lovers who made it out to the 29th Piedmont Region AACA Car Show on Sunday, September 14 at PVCC. The slow drizzle of morning rain kept away many over-protective car owners, but they certainly missed out. When the sun broke through around noon, making the classics, muscles, and modifieds burst into vivid color the crowd doubled with tardy spectators.

Though a smaller showing from previous years, it was still an impressive event. The big antique Model-Ts, Cadillacs, and De Sotos with their swooping curves and miles of chrome evoked nostalgia in the older folks and awe from the younger ones. The wide tires and big block engines of the muscle cars kept many gearheads drooling.

Best were the stories. For some owners, their car had been a teenage dream finally realized in their 50s. For others, it was all about getting five seconds in the quarter mile.

Making a car a hobby is not for everyone. But you can't help but admire these enthusiasts for what they do. These cars are footnotes to American history, and the owners fan the flames year after year.

The glory days of Cadillac

Dolores Somers in her youth, today, her husband, J. Gilbert, and the 1950 DeSoto that brought them together

A Mopar to die for

Admiring some classic muscle

Piglet always gets the short end of the stick. Poor Piglet.

The famous and infamous GTO,
The Judge

W... i... d... e... to the max

Arnold Fox in his Hugger Orange '67 Pro Street Camero. Street legal and super fast!

The classics get plenty of attention from old and young.