Hot races: 15 candidates, 7 seats, 14 questions

It's not a presidential election year, and frankly, the Albemarle County and state General Assembly elections don't have quite the same cachet and voter-drawing power as those with name-brand national candidates.

Yet the locals running for office are the people who directly touch the quality of our lives. Those people we elect to county seats live here. They'll be voting on how the county grows, whether property taxes are raised, and how they're spent. They decide whether to allow Target to be built, and whether the county can afford recycling. They redistrict schools and decide which criminal cases to prosecute.

On the state level, this is the year of the uncontested race. State Senator Creigh Deeds and delegates Steve Landes, Mitch Van Yahres, and Rob Bell all have free rides to another term.

County-wise, Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Camblos and Board of Supervisors chairman Lindsay Dorrier of the Scottsville District are also unopposed.

The Hook takes a look at the county races that are being challenged: two Board of Supervisors' seats, four School Board seats, the sheriff, and the not-contested-but-still-on-ballot soil and water conservation directors– whatever those are (see sidebar).

The sheriff's race is heating up, with two challengers drawing a bead on incumbent Ed Robb. When a deputy claimed he was shot by a black man earlier this year, Robb immediately decried the incident as a "hate crime," only to have to backtrack when Albemarle police found the deputy's story sketchy. Given that its low-profile mission is to transport prisoners, maintain the security of the courthouse, and serve warrants, the Sheriff's Office has seen a lot of controversy this year. Yet three men want this job.


Ed Robb


Incumbent Candidate, Albemarle County Sheriff

Ed Robb

Age: 65

Day job: Sheriff of Albemarle County

Immediate family: Wife Gretchen; sons Mark, 44, Matt, 41, and daughter Amy, 38.

Party: Republican

Why run? I decided to run four years ago because I wanted to promote volunteer programs that don't cost the taxpayers anything and that had not been done here before: a search and rescue team, a reserve safety and security unit to complement local, state, and federal law enforcement, a crime prevention academy to teach people how to protect themselves, a youth program, and to revitalize the mounted patrol.

What do you do better than your opponents? I'm highly experienced, with 37 years in law enforcement. In my four years as sheriff, I've exhibited leadership ability and managed the budget in this agency and others. I worked for the FBI for 20 years.

Past political experience: Sheriff, Virginia state senator, and vice chairman of the Republican committee in 1991.

Political hero: Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman, and Theodore Roosevelt

Past newsworthiness: An illustrious career as an FBI agent, about which a book was written called Friend of the Family. Also as a Virginia state senator and as sheriff.

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? Crime prevention through education

Pet peeve: People who draw conclusions without having the facts and details

Most influential book: The Bible

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? A horse

Motto: Never quit.


Larry Claytor


Candidate, Albemarle County Sheriff

Larry Claytor

Age: 49

Day job: Master police officer/forensic specialist, Albemarle County Police Department

Immediate family: Wife Deborah; sons Michael, 20, Chris, 17, and Jon, 12

Party: Independent

Why run? Being sheriff of Albemarle County has been a long-term goal. I am presently in the 30th year of my local law enforcement career. I have much to offer, and I see this as an opportunity to continue to serve the citizens of Albemarle County.

What do you do better than your opponents? I have worked harder to prepare myself for this position. I am very approachable, diplomatic, self-controlled, and willing to listen to and work with people from all walks of life. I feel that my patience and personality are two of my greatest virtues. I will be visible, accessible, and on the job everyday. I am a certified Virginia police officer and police instructor. I have worked as a deputy sheriff in Albemarle County and have performed all of the tasks presently carried out by the Sheriff's Office. I have also worked to obtain a background in business management. I have served as treasurer of the Fraternal Order of Police; vice president of the Charlottesville Host Lions Club; president, treasurer, and executive board member of the Virginia Forensic Science Academy Alumni Association; ordained deacon and president of the Baptist Men's Group at Crozet Baptist Church; president and board member of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad.

Past political experience: I sought the Republican nomination for sheriff in 1999.

Political hero: Sir Winston Churchill

Past newsworthiness: I have been on the frontline of local law enforcement in this area since 1974. I have made arrests and obtained convictions of numerous murderers, rapists, and robbers. The first rape case to use DNA evidence from the Virginia State lab was an Albemarle case. In 1993, my crime scene work was highlighted in Virginia Police Chief magazine, and I've been endorsed by the Albemarle Law Enforcement Association.

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? The people's candidate

Pet peeve: People who are not accountable

Most influential book: The Bible

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? A wise old owl

Motto: You've got to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.


Barry McLane


Candidate, Albemarle County Sheriff

Barry McLane

Age: 48

Day job: Director of meal operations at Worldstrides

Immediate family: Wife Linda; son Brady, 21; daughters Jenna, 16, and Macy, 13

Party: I'm independent because I don't believe the sheriff should be affiliated with any political party.

Why run? The Sheriff's Office needs some professional management. I want to take what I've learned in the private sector– like customer service– and take it to the public. I think I can do a better job. And I'd be more visible and not just be a groundhog that comes out every four years.

What do you do better than your opponents? I'm a professional manager. I know how to set realistic goals. Since 1984, I've had 12,000 hours of ride-along observation with the Charlottesville police, and I served two and a half years as a reserve deputy.

Past political experience: I don't have any political experience. I've knocked on 5,000 doors and only had 10 closed in my face.

Political hero: Rudy Giuliani

Past newsworthiness: Founder of You've Got a Friend Foundation that promotes a positive image of law enforcement; chairman of the Charlottesville police citizen's advisory panel 1994-95.

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? I'm the public service candidate.

Pet peeve: Traffic around here, like when the left lane is closed and people pass you in the right lane and then want you to let them in.

Most influential book: The Bible

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? A bald eagle

Motto: Change lanes with McLane.


Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

Charles Martin and Walter Perkins' decisions to not run for reelection create two openings that could change the balance of the Board of Supervisors on growth issues– the big issues that face the supes. The White Hall district's Perkins was known to argue that property owners have rights in how their land is used, and Martin provided a voice for the struggling middle class, which he says needs a Target more than it needs more boutique shopping here.

Vying for Martin's Rivanna district seat are Republican Ken Boyd, who's finishing a term on the Albemarle School Board, and Democrat Peter Hallock, whose main concern is growth– both of the plants at his nursery, the Garden Spot, and of the county.

In the White Hall race is Democrat Eric Strucko, who struck out in a run against Perkins four years ago. Since that time, he's been building a base through nonstop community activism. His opponent, David Wyant, an NFL referee, cites native Albemarle roots. He's the fourth generation to own the Wyant Store in the heart of White Hall.


Ken Boyd


Candidate for Supervisor, Rivanna District

Ken Boyd

Age: 55

Day job: Owner of Boyd Financial Services, a financial planning company

Immediate family: Wife Brenda; sons Casey, 35, Patrick, 33, Cory, 20, and daughter Kelley, 27; grandson Josh, 10

Party: Republican

Why run? Because we need leaders experienced in local government, who have the patience and stamina to wade through the bureaucracy and put the interests of Albemarle citizens first.

What do you do better than your opponent? Since my opponent is a newcomer to local politics, I don't know much about him. As a member of the Albemarle County School Board, with a background in finance, I understand the educational needs of this community, and the complex budget process.

Past political experience: Four years Rivanna District representative on the Albemarle County School Board; Virgil Goode and Rob Bell campaigns.

Political hero: Ronald Reagan

Past newsworthiness: Questioning the cost of dredging the current reservoir to increase capacity and proposing more permanent long-range solutions, such as completing the Buck Mountain Reservoir, where the county already owns the land. While a School Board member, I voted against allocating money for a new press secretary for the superintendent while teachers still have to spend their own money on school supplies for the classroom.

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? As a member of the School Board, I consider myself an education candidate, but equally important to me are our long-range water needs, adequate jobs, uncontrolled growth, and transportation issues.

Pet peeve: Negative campaigning

Most influential book: There are many, but the most recent is People Styles at Work by Robert Bolton and Dorothy Glover Bolton. It taught me how to be a better listener and fully consider differing points of view, traits that are important in becoming a more effective government leader.

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? My Jack Russell dog, Zeus. He has it made and probably gets more attention from the family than I do.

Motto: Listen, do your own homework, and don't procrastinate.


Peter Hallock


Candidate for Supervisor, Rivanna District

Peter Hallock

Age: 60

Day job: The Garden Spot owner with my wife.

Immediate family: Wife Andrea; daughter Jeannette Hallock-Solomon, 30; sons Gardiner, 28, and Harold, 24

Party: Democratic

Why run? Because I feel I have the experience and skills to help Albemarle County face the difficult challenge of growing without losing our unique character and quality of life. I want to ensure that we improve our school system, as I believe education is the key to vibrant economic opportunity.

What do you do better than your opponent? I'm a consensus-finder. I know how to work with opposing points of view and find a middle ground suitable to all.

Past political experience: Albemarle County Affordable Housing Committee; Albemarle County Fiscal Impact Committee; Child, Youth and Family Service Board; Little Keswick Foundation for Special Education; Albemarle Smart Growth Initiative; Piedmont Environmental Council; Democratic Steering Committee

Political hero: Emily Couric

Past newsworthiness: None. I've been quietly working behind the scenes for the past 30 years trying to make Albemarle a better place to live while running my small business.

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? Smart growth candidate

Pet peeve: People who say we can grow indiscriminately without raising taxes and affecting our quality of life.

Most influential book: Design with Nature by Ian L. McHarg

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? A horse, of course

Motto: Don't pave over paradise.


Eric Strucko



Candidate for Supervisor, White Hall District

Eric Strucko

Age: 38

Day job: Vice president of finance, business planning, and analysis at the Association for Investment Management and Research

Immediate family: Wife Laurie; son David James, 5, and daughter Claire Constance, 1

Party: Democratic

Why run? To give back to the community that has given my family so much. Everything I have done in the community over the past decade comes together at the Board of Supervisors' job. I think my work with smart growth and rural area preservation, financial management, fire and rescue services, two school boards, and business development makes me a highly qualified candidate. I believe that my plan to improve schools and strengthen education, provide neighborhood infrastructure and public safety services, protect the county's rural character and natural resources, and create economic stability and good jobs, all with no tax rate increases, makes me the best candidate.

What do you do better than your opponent? I have done a better job of communicating my specific, relevant experience and my specific, relevant plans to the voters. I avoid sound bites that do not provide any real information. I have stronger qualifications for the supervisor job, and have a plan of action if elected. Experience is the difference.

Past political experience: Albemarle County Democratic Party, working on various campaigns. Also, I am very familiar with the local political process, having appeared before the Board of Supervisors many times and having been appointed by them to the Development Initiatives Steering Committee and the Housing Committee.

Political hero: Benjamin Franklin

Past newsworthiness: Helping create the Neighborhood Model, the Crozet Master Plan, and new smart growth policies in Albemarle County (as the chair of DISC). Helping create a strategy for constructing affordable housing in Albemarle County using nonprofit organizations instead of government (as chair of the Housing Committee).

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? The experienced and qualified candidate with a clear plan

Pet peeve: Self-righteousness

Most influential book: "The Gospel according to Matthew," especially Chapter 5

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? A small-mouth bass... a tireless fighter and survivor. (I do a lot of fishing in the James River.)

Motto: "Do the right thing, and have the strength and courage to do the job."


David Wyant


Candidate for Supervisor, White Hall District

David Wyant

Age: 56

Day job: Consulting engineer

Immediate family: Wife Gail; daughter Silvia Dowell, 36; sons David, 31, and Donald, 25

Party: Where? Yes, Republicans enjoy them too!

Why run? Want to serve the people and have a diverse group of skills, especially engineering expertise.

What do you do better than your opponent? I have walked the walk and know the history of the county. My family has lived in this county for over 200 years, giving me a unique and important perspective.

Past political experience: None, other than working with various governmental agencies, such as Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Soil and Water Commission, county planning, zoning, inspection, and engineering departments, Architectural Review Board, and VDOT.

Political hero: Honest, down to earth, straight shooting politicians (unfortunately in short supply)

Past newsworthiness: One of 120 select individuals to officiate NFL football games

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? Common sense candidate

Pet peeve: People who are not open-minded; people who do not play fair

Most influential book: Possibility Thinking by Robert Schuller

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? Seabiscuit– he beat the odds!

Motto: Common sense for the future of our families and children


Albemarle County School Board

Next year's School Board meetings surely won't be as exciting without gadfly Gary Grant, who stunned supporters and detractors in March when he suddenly announced he wouldn't be running for a second term.

Thanks to Grant's Constituents Report and its thorough accounts of School Board goings-on, the board received this dubious distinction: It was listed on the Freedom of Information Complaint List by the Virginia Coalition for Open Government for adopting a gag order on topics discussed in closed session. On the other hand, teachers whose performances don't merit contract renewal probably appreciate the board's mandatory vow of silence.

Only one incumbent– Steve Koleszar– is running for reelection to the four open School Board seats, and he's being challenged by former Hollywood-guy Denny King, who still makes hotel reservations from his Esmont home for the cast and crew of movies, such as Tom Cruise's Last Samurai or Nicole Kidman's Cold Mountain.

Even before Grant announced he wasn't running, Ivy activist Brian Wheeler had jumped into the race for the at-large seat. After Grant bowed out, Linda McRaven– who didn't win the Republican nomination for the White Hall supervisor seat that went to David Wyant– says she was approached to throw her hat into the otherwise uncontested at-large ring.

The Rivanna District seat opened up when Ken Boyd decided to run for supervisor. Sue Friedman, whose husband is president of Piedmont Virginia Community College ("He has nothing to do with the race," she says) is up against contractor Franklin Micciche.

And in the White Hall District, Chuck Ward is not running for reëlection– but his wife, Louise, wants to keep his seat in the family by fending off lawyer Barbara Massie, who hails from a family of Albemarle educators.

Before leaving public office, Grant lobbed one more incendiary device when he wrote a letter to the Daily Progress advising candidates that filling out the Coalition for a Responsible School Board's lengthy questionnaire is a waste of time, arguing that candidates' time would be better spent going door to door.

So far, Micciche and King have heeded his advice and declined to fill out the questionnaire (King sent in a letter), and Massie and McRaven say they've answered only some of the questions. McRaven calls the depth of detail requested "absurd."

Grant also claimed the public was uninterested in the candidate forums sponsored by the coalition.

"In the past, they were not terribly well-attended," concedes coalition founder and chair Allen Freeman. Yet the coalition has dutifully scheduled three candidate forums before the election (see sidebar for a listing of all forums).


Linda McRaven


Candidate for County School Board, At-Large Seat

Linda McRaven

Age: 57

Day job: Administrator/business manager for historic structure restoration and construction company. Editor of books and magazine articles in the field. Coordinator of workshops in log, stone, post-and-beam work, blacksmithing, and other pioneer skills.

Immediate family: Husband Charles "Mac"; daughters Amanda, 27, Lauren, 25, Chelsea, 23, Ashley, 21, and son Charlie, 18.

Party: I think conservatively, hence, Republican.

Why run? My children convinced me that my 22 years of experience guiding them through the Albemarle school system have prepared me to make a meaningful contribution to the school board responsibilities. I have "been there, done that." I have worked with 456 teachers, 15 principals, eight schools and their staffs, and seven bus drivers. I have been redistricted five times. I never missed a parent/teacher conference. I have been a teacher's helper. I've been involved in all the PTOs, in school sports as well as drama, music, and multicultural programs. I was instrumental in curriculum development, classroom organization, teacher search, site location, and site planning, as well as school construction [for the Free Union Country School].

What do you do better than your opponent? My track record gives evidence of my ability to get things done. Bottom line, my experience as a parent, as a business owner responsible for staying within budget, and as a school founder allows me to look at issues from the perspective of students, teachers, administrators, parents, and taxpayers, as well as to ask necessary questions. I can successfully consider a broad range of views, find balance and take meaningful action without raising taxes.

Past political experience: None as a candidate, but I have been involved in politics since childhood. I worked in the JFK, HHH, and LBJ campaigns, as well as for Senate, House, and gubernatorial campaigns in Florida and Virginia. I have a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University and worked on Capitol Hill for years. I am an avid reader and talk-radio listener to keep abreast of local politics.

Political hero: JFK inspired the young "me" to be an active American citizen. Faye A. Moore, my dynamic and brilliant mother, as well as Ronald Reagan taught me that political philosophies are not stagnant, and one can mature in one's understanding of civic responsibilities and love of country.

Past newsworthiness: Our unique construction work­ building, restoring, and preserving historic structures of log, stone, and post-and-beam­ has been the subject of books and much publicity both locally and nationally.. Our love of history, respect for individual achievement and educational growth, as well as respect for all children, has extended to such "out of the box" efforts as the creation of an outdoor summer theater dramatizing stories of local history, the founding of a small community school, and a fine arts center.

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? Of course, I am an "education" candidate.

Pet peeve: People who whine and complain, but who are never part of the solution

Most influential book: The Bible

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? I love to quilt, make my "nest," and appreciate beautiful dance movements, so I would want to come back as a barn swallow.

Motto: If you don't want my peaches, don't shake my tree.


Brian Wheeler


Candidate for County School Board, At-Large Seat

Brian Wheeler

Age: 37

Day job: Chief information officer, SNL Financial

Immediate family: Spouse Jean Wheeler; daughter Abby, 11; son Sam, 7

Party: School board races are nonpartisan. As a result, I will not accept a party's endorsement for this campaign. Candidates who do accept such endorsements get tremendous advantages come election day, but I think they are running against the spirit of a nonpartisan school board.

Why run? In 1999, my daughter landed in a second grade class of 27 children. That's a lot of young kids for one teacher. I raised my hand at the PTO meeting and asked, "What are we going to do about this?" I wasn't satisfied with the answer. That led me to create an Internet email newsletter and website focused on Albemarle schools. I collected information about class size and the budget, and shared it with parents around the county. I earned the respect of school administrators and elected officials because I stuck to the facts and wasn't an alarmist. Within six months, we engaged the school board, the administration, and ultimately the board of supervisors to get more funding for education. The school board adopted my proposal for class size emergency relief, and it has been in the budget helping schools around the county ever since.

Thus, I want to run for school board because I will play an important role improving what is already a good school system. I want Albemarle to have an exceptional school system. I have lived in this area for 19 years, and I'm ready to put my substantial business experience, and my experience as a parent leader in this school system, to work for Albemarle.

What do you do better than your opponent? The voters can be the judge of which candidate is better than the other, and more importantly, which will be a better member of the school board. I got into this race in February 2003 to challenge Gary Grant, and spent 10 months researching the race, talking to voters, and attending almost every school board meeting. As a parent advocate, I have dedicated the past four years to improving our public schools through activities including my volunteer work building a dozen Internet newsletters at schools and community groups around Albemarle, my service as a PTO president, and my three years of service on the county Parent Council.

Past political experience: This is my first run for any political office.

Political hero: Emily Couric

Past newsworthiness: The Daily Progress has dubbed me a "fixture" at the school's budget hearings. The Hook has documented my work with the Ivy Community Association as we have fought to prevent Faulconer Construction from moving next door to a county school. WVIR has chronicled everything from my advocacy for increased investments in education to my company's recent elimination of 90 percent of our SPAM email.

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? I don't think the voters get much from presidential campaign slogans. Albemarle needs fewer federal unfunded mandates and more attention by the General Assembly in Richmond to pay their fair share for public education. I guess that makes me the "kids first candidate."

Pet peeve: All things inefficient

Most influential book: Space, by James Michener. I actually came to Charlottesville because of UVA's telescopes.

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? My golden retriever has it pretty good.

Motto: A little organization is good. A lot of organization moves mountains.


Franklin Micciche


Candidate for County School Board, Rivanna District

Franklin Micciche

Age: 49

Day job: Home improvement contractor

Immediate family: Wife Jeanne; son James, 19, and daughter Caroline, 13

Party: Independent

Why run? Tax burden created by poor spending choices, particularly construction

What do you do better than your opponent? I offer experience in most components of the day-to-day operations of the school district. The system will benefit mostly from my construction expertise. When it comes to policy decisions, I will absorb all the information available, hear what is being said by different factions, and make good decisions.

Past political experience: College student government president, fire commissioner candidate, many committees, Albemarle County Tax Equalization Board. Most important: voicing my opinion often at public hearings and directly to those making decisions.

Political hero: Ed Koch, former mayor of New York City

Past newsworthiness: Involvement with Tax Equalization Board

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? The regular guy

Pet peeve: Political correctness

Most influential book: The Grapes of Wrath

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? A buck deer

Motto: Speak your mind.


Sue Friedman


Candidate for School Board, Rivanna District

Sue Friedman

Age: 50

Day job: Director, Regional Business Assistance, Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development

Immediate family: Husband Frank; son Alex, 16

Party: N/A as school board elections are nonpartisan.

Why run? Education is the most important service provided by the public sector. Educational quality that leads to student success is our goal. I am committed to this goal.

What do you do better than your opponent? I do not know what my opponent does. I know what I do. I am committed to and experienced with education, both personally and professionally. I listen and value communication.

Past political experience: Involved, informed citizen and voter

Political hero: Robert F. Kennedy

Past newsworthiness: Appointed member of the superintendent's equity and diversity committee, 2000-2003; Leadership Charlottesville Class of 2000

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? The best education representative for all Rivanna District citizens

Pet peeve: Registered voters who don't vote

Most influential educational book: The Neglected Majority by Dale Parnell

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? My dog

Motto: The Golden Rule


Stephen Koleszar


Incumbent Candidate for County School Board, Scottsville District

Stephen Koleszar

Age: 56

Day job: Retired accountant

Immediate family: Wife Marilyn; sons Luke, 32, and John, 28

Party: Democratic

Why run? I want to maintain and build on the tremendous improvements our schools have made over the last eight years. I want to continue our momentum even after Dr. Castner retires.

What do you do better than your opponent? I have much more experience. I have served on the board for eight years. I have served on the CATEC, Piedmont Regional Education Program, Virginia School Board Association, and Virginia High School League boards. I have earned the confidence of parents, community, and staff in southern Albemarle.

Past political experience: I won two prior school board elections.

Political hero: Martin Luther King

Past newsworthiness: Service on the school board

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? I have a proven record of working with parents, community, and staff to improve education for all the children in Albemarle County.

Pet peeve: All our delegates and senators say that their highest priority is education. But the state is still underfunding K-12 education by close to a billion dollars.

Most influential book: There are so many, I don't want to be pinned down to one book.

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? That's a pretty silly question.

Motto: Education for all


Denny King


Candidate for County School Board, Scottsville District

Denny King

Age: 59

Day job: President/CEO Location Lodging Worldwide, Inc., Owner - Scottsville Fitness Center, Inc.

Immediate family: Partner Judy Bushkin; daughters Amy, 38, Jill, 36, and son Ryan, 24; granddaughter Katie, 14

Party: Independent

Why run? To support and improve the continued excellence of the Albemarle County public schools, with new energy and fresh ideas needed to guide us through the changes and challenges facing our growing county. We simply cannot maintain the status quo.

What do you do better than your opponent? I believe that change, especially when it represents new ideas and a renewed energy, is not only good, but it is absolutely essential for government to work efficiently and effectively. I will keep the best interests of the students, their parents, the teachers, bus drivers, and all school employees as my number one priority.

Past political experience: None

Political hero: Thomas Jefferson

Past newsworthiness: I take great pride in my contributions to my profession, community, and my fellow man. I take a much greater pride in doing them anonymously.

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? I want to be known as the candidate who keeps his promises to the people. Period.

Pet peeve: Citizens who refuse to take advantage of one of the greatest privileges that all Americans have– the right to vote

Most influential book: Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? The bald eagle

Motto: Don't waste time. Make every moment count.

Barbara Massie


Candidate for County School Board, White Hall District

Barbara Massie

Age: 53

Day job: Attorney with Chandler Franklin & O'Bryan

Immediate Family: Mother, sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews

Party: Running as an independent

Why run? I have a heart for the kids in the Albemarle County schools and want to see all of them reach their full potential.

What do you do better than your opponent? I cannot comment on my opponent, but my strengths include 1) relating well to kids of all ages; 2) analytical ability that helps me to break problems down into their component parts; 3) ability to work in a group and reach consensus.

Past political experience: I have assisted delegates Steve Landes and Rob Bell in their re-election campaigns, but in general I have not been a political activist.

Political hero: I tend not to have any one political hero. I admire leaders who act according to principle and who understand our nation's foundational principles.

Past newsworthiness: In January 2003, I was a candidate for a local judgeship.

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? I am "a voice for education." I want to speak up for more parental involvement in their children's education, and for deference to the parents' role in their children's education.

Pet peeve: TV game shows with canned applause

Most influential book: It is difficult to pick just one, but one modern book on political theory that I like is The Roots of American Order by Russell Kirk.

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it be? Preferably not a skunk. There are a lot of skunks on the road to Crozet where I live– and I think there are quite enough skunks in the world already.

Motto: Unity and focus will get the job done.


Louise Ward


Candidate for County School Board, White Hall DistrictLouise Ward

Age: 51

Day job: Volunteer at Western Albemarle High School and Crozet Elementary; employed part-time by Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Greenwood

Immediate family: Husband Chuck; Dad, 94; daughters Carrel, 25, and Laura, 23; sons-in-law Tamas, 27, and Kevin, 24; host son Manuel from Germany, 25

Party: School Board candidates run as independents.

Why run? 1) for the kids, 2) to make a difference, 3) to serve the community, and 4) to have someone knowledgeable about Albemarle County schools on the school board.

What do you do better than your opponent? I am very flexible with my time; I am a mother and a regular volunteer in the schools.

Past political experience: I never ever considered running for an elected office. My only interest is the School Board.

Political hero: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Past newsworthiness: Soloing an airplane when I was eight months pregnant; also performed a 100-foot drop on a zip-line when I was a chaperone at Space Camp.

George Bush called himself the education candidate. What candidate are you? The common sense candidate because I don't come into this race with a pre-conceived political, legal, or financial agenda. I want to do what is best for the education of the 12,000-plus kids in Albemarle County.

Pet peeve: "So many books, so little time."

Most influential book: The Diary of Anne Frank

If you were to come back as an animal, what would it? A racehorse

Motto: "Reading: It's an adventure!" and "Be Happy!"