Garland T. Hicks and Linda Major to Preston E. and Susan B. Morris, 49.41 acres near State Route 621 near Eastham, $51,000.

Michael G. and Kathryn F. Stanford to Glenn P. and Jill E. Vidal, 4.59 acres at 2355 Owensville Road, $500,000.

Specialized of Virginia Inc., Substitute Trustee, to Conseco Finance Servicing Corp., 1.108 acres on State Route 690, $67,154.66.

RJR LC to Redlands LLC, lot in Highlands at Mechum's River, $65,000.

Redlands LLC to M. Gabrielle Hall, parcel in Highlands at Mechum's River, $252,380.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Judith K. Sands, 2245 Shepherd's Ridge Road, Dunlora, $302,950.

Roger A. and Sharon L. White to Allan D. Megill and Rita M. Felski, 2.73 acres at 2285 Owensville Road, $525,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Carl and Nita J. Palermo, 1420 Plains Drive, Church Hill West, $479,900.

Katherine H. Goddard, Executor, to Priscilla K. Lawson, 202 Georgetown Road, Hessian Hills, $195,000.

Dofflemyer Development LLC to William E. and Lori W. Hopkinson, 784 Earlysville Forest Drive, Earlysville Heights Extended, $450,000.

Paul T. Shifflett to Hazeltine V. Shifflett, 2.77 acres at 111 Montpelier Street, gift.

James F. Kettrick to Kurt M. Wassenaar, 119 Georgetown Green, $105,000.

Jeremy A. and Christine C. Benedetti to Veronica E. Michaelsen, 1509 Edmund Drive, Wayland's Grant, Crozet, $320,000.

Norman J. Snow to Carolyn B. and Joseph W. Wright III, 3.99 acres at 406 Burchs Creek Road, Crozet, $340,000.

Patricia S. Link to Geraldine Darco, 2804 Magnolia Drive, Stillfield, $250,000.

Robert C. and Joan L. Bonser to Ernest D. and Stacey A. Burzumato, 4327 Chris Greene Lake Road, $195,000.

Gregory Murray and Cindy Brinkler to Richard Nearman and Mana J. Quinn, .996 acres at 198 Patterson Mill Lane, Crozet, $142,000.

James E. Skeen, Trustee, to William H. Dorsey III, 6.0055 acres on State Route 250, gift.

MGR Development Corp. to Scott L. and Carol J. Anderson, 1657 Appian Way, Fontana, $309,000.

Robert E. Adams and Nancy R. Joseph-Adams to Neiland Todd and Elizabeth R. Wickersty, 966 Kelsey Drive, Redfields, $292,000.

Woodbriar Associates to Gary D. Grossman, 4702 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $166,000.

Steven L. and Codie C. Peters to Randy Cepuch and Nancy Wallace, 2920 Doctor's Crossing, $250,000.

Walton C. and Carol C. Lindsay to Audrey B. and George W. Barlow III, 4995 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, $305,000.

Southern Property LLC to Christina M. Deguia, 1272 Chatham Ridge, RiverRun, $254,500.

Michael R. and Kimberly L. Stahlman to Lukuang L. Hsu and Yun C. and Linda L. Chang, 164 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $210,900.

Michael J. and Elizabeth C. Faremouth to Alex C. and Stephanie R. Johnson, 910 Canvas Back Drive, Redfields, $229,900.

Patrick J. Bryne and Karen M. Kelly to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 2980 Cove Trace, Cove Pointe, Forest Lakes, $389,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Jeffrey A. and Patricia J. Malchow, 2980 Cove Trace, Forest Lakes, $389,500.

David J. and Karen A. Glembocki to Colleen G. Slipka, 177 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $173,000.

Art Tontiplaphol to Andrew D. Hardie, 1275 Maple View Drive, Willow Lake, $169,580.

Glenn A. and Andrea H. Brome to Basil Shah and Tahereh B. Solimani, 1015 Stonewood Drive, Stonewood, $241,500.

Barry W. and Kimberly G. Armstrong to Michael S. and Darci K. Palmer, 261 Grayrock Drive, Grayrock, $266,000.

Kari E. Henningsen to Todd E. Schmidt, 534 Pebble Hill Court, Redfields, $187,000.

Claudia Wert, Trustee, to Rodney L. and Nancy E. Knicely, 2935 Earlysville Road, $167,500.

Samuel C. Thompson Jr. to Charles B. and Lisa A. Hughes, 2.537 acres at 2865 Pleasant View Lane, State Route 676, $285,000.

Deric J. Hansen and Anthony D. Hudson to Micah R. Tepper, 1525 Primrose Lane, Lake Reynovia, $192,500.

Forrest Johnson to Brian R. Collins, 1.571 acres on State Route 685, 4313 Bunker Hill Road, Keswick, $85,000.


 Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Dhimiter and Fefta Ferro, 302 Shepherd's Ridge Circle, Rivercrest at Dunlora, $361,950.

Peter D. Honig to Joanne B. Honig, 2.511 acres at 510 Willwood Drive, Fairgrove, Earlysville, gift.

Kristian M. Hargadon to John J. Chen and Victoria K. Carter, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $93,500.

Donald C. Kearney to Marty C. and Kathleen H. Thomson, 8.50 acres at 4027 Louisa Road, Keswick, $70,000.

Robert F. and Ann C. Galione to James M. Rohrer, condominium unit at 7 Spring Court, Four Seasons, $75,000.

Laurie C. and Patton Nuttycombe and Karen N. Tumay to Coleman Elder LLC, 8.804 acres on State Route 631, $1,700,000.

Jody L. Kassel to Bobbi B. Oldham, 1400 Glenside Green, RiverRun, $174,950.

Kenneth R. and Janice B. Avery to Thomas B. and Leena M. Reece, 2698 Powell Creek Drive, Forest Lakes South, $259,500.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Kevin and Rachel B. Skadron, 3184 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $344,950.

Merril and Agnes Yu to Steven A. and Stephanie Y. Williams, 540 Stonefield Circle, Earlysville, $220,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $53,939.

Belvedere Station Land Trust to Robert Hauser Homes, lot in Rivercrest of Dunlora, $136,500.

John G. Desmond, Trustee, to Jeanne M. McKee, 2188 Shepherd's Ridge Road, Dunlora, $289,950.

Skyline Home Builders LLC to Roger A. and Sharon L. Whyte, 3.6 acres at Mawyer Farm Lane, $660,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Mark R. Wilkinson, 2224 Montalcino Way, Fontana, $315,000.

Elizabeth and John H. Hespenheide Jr. to Elizabeth E. Hespenheide, 4165 Saddlewood Drive, Saddlewood Farms, gift.

JaZan LLC to Bianca J. Johnson, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $83,000.

Donald and Ranee Strong to Adam S. Rochman and Carrie M. Schultz, 1046 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $184,000.

Robert I. and Sherrie A. Dinning to Ryan T. Dinning and Tracy L. Eagan, 6.683 acres at 291 Quandary Drive, $281,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Craig L. Sarazin, 664 Courtyard Court, Redfields, $277,232.


John G. Desmond, Trustee, to Alice S. Batten, 1291 Townbrook Crossing, Rivercrest of Dunlora, $316,975.

Marcia A. Perkins to Joseph M. and Bette J. Kobzeff, 1848 Amberfield Drive, Forest Lakes, $257,000.

J. Bruce and Katherine B. Eckert to Debra Dd. Coyner, Trustee, 173.76 acres at 1155 Campbell Road, Keswick, $2,325,000.

John S. and Margaret S. VanLoock to Thomas B. Miller and Douglas G. and Shanan Y. Orndorff, 1050 Old Fox Trail Lane, Crozet, $225,000.

Michael D. McIver and Suzy Shay to Allen and Darian Barnette and Lawrence J. and Kimberlea L. Villio, 1734 Hearthglow Lane, Fieldbrook, $240,000.

Allen B. Keasley Jr. to Beverly D. Thomas, 1601 Cool Spring Road, Townwood, $119,900.

Roger Mahloch to Marcia A. Perkins, 3432 Moubry Lane, Forest Ridge, $189,900.

Ella Mack to Tucker P. and Frances E. Reback, 2.77 acres at 999 James River Road, Scottsville, $76,500.

Roy M. Terry Jr. and Larry J. McElwain, Trustee, to Haley Chisholm & Morris Inc., 3.389 acres at 3300 Rosewood Lane, Rosemont, $203,500.

Norman L. Lushbaugh to Arthur G. and Roberta V. Williams, 3600 Preddy Creek Road at Sandy Branch Resort Farms on State Route 641, $110,000.

Carol J. Baber to John T. Hobson, 1000 Highlands Drive, Highlands, $156,000.

Warne B. and Cathy W. Dawkins to Allen B. Keasley Jr. and Angela M. Taliaferro, 2419 Commonwealth Drive, Berkeley, $175,500.

Eurohomes USA Construction LLC to Barbara J. and William E. Graham Jr., 7.061 acres on State Route 231, $105,000.

Jason Witherell and Cheryl Barnes to Doanne W. and Douglas A. Dodd, 113 Georgetown Green, $179,250.

Thomas and Laura Pietro to John L. Ball and Alyson K. Howe, 4.64 acres at 1098 Tilman Road, $485,000.

David A. , Douglas T., and Allen S. Beale to Francis C. McGovern, 94.91 acres on State Route 617, 6228 Buffalo Run Road, Earlysville, $431,251.

James B. Spence III, Trustee, to Hugh A. and Bridget B. Meagher, 21.06 acres at Church Hill West, Crozet, $230,000.

Henry H. and Jill H. Krohn to Harper and Martha Hellems, 4.221 acres at 7772 Dinwiddie Way, Greenwood, $279,500.

Scott D. and Gretchen E. Briggs to Paul E. Reynolds Jr., 800 Norwood Lane, Earlysville, $173,000.

John A. Kern to Eleanor R. Cassada, 5079 Still Pond Court, Western Ridge, Crozet, $360,000.

Forest M. and Stephanie A. White to Warne and Kathy Dawkins, 2001 Locke Lane, Forest Lakes, $263,000.



J. Bruce and Katherine B. Eckert to Debra D. Coyner, Trustee, 173.76 acres at 1155 Campbell Road, Keswick, $2,325,000.