Orgasms: Nice not naughty

I submitted an ad to The Hook's Personals and was told it would have to be run in "Wildside," not Males seeking Females– or its reference to "prolonged, multiple female orgasms" would be censored.


The problem is that Karezza (a sexual, mystical practice aimed at achieving mutual consciousness of the presence of God– a "Christian Tantra", as it were) is based on such devotional orgasms. They are the engine that propels the car. One might as well censor references to wine from Christian communion.


Karezza is not "wild," nor is it "spicy" (the controlling concepts for "Wildside"). Neither is it deserving of being identified with a cartoon devil and hellish flames! It is, in fact, an antidote to the sleaze and selfishness connected to much of today's sexuality.


"Orgasm" is not a bad word needing to be couched in euphemism, ignored, or spoken of obliquely in polite society. It is a desirable (really indispensable) aspect of everyone's healthy sexual relationships.


Furthermore, this primal, powerful, sensory experience can and does culminate the physical act of love and adventurous, intimate loving service by two children of God for each other. It becomes an explosive bond making two into one in an ego-destroying, love-ecstasy energy phenomenon which touches the divine– God is love!


The Hook's puritanical (it is after all not a kiddie journal) and judgmental (consigning orgasms to cartoon-hell) attitude does not speak well either for its understanding of adult human sexuality and gender relationships or for its philosophy concerning freedom of the press and censorship.


And as to religion, The Hook appears to be at an utter loss insofar as the human/God relationship is concerned. If intelligent articles or columns on this relationship including such aspects as Tantra and Karezza regularly found space in The Hook's pages, maybe I would have been able to drop the educational content from my ad, but as it is, The Hook makes reference to Karezza's prolonged, multiple female orgasms indispensable if one is to respect the questing minds and intelligence of potential responders.


Peter Holley
Syria, Virginia