Grabowski's got no talent

I read with amusement the article by Mark Grabowski in the August 28 issue of The Hook [Music Review: "Winning combo: Hot Lunch satisfies the crowd"] ( I was also in attendance at the event.

It would appear that the "free drinks" impaired Grabowski's judgment and clouded his already limited scope of hearing. While the main focus was to raise money for the Music Resource Center, it was also an opportunity to form bands from local musicians that otherwise would not have gotten together.

His article sounded like random observations with no connection. For example, Grabowski stated that when one of the bands began a "grin-inducing rendition of 'Running With the Devil,'" it made him "groan."

Paaalease! Is this his ill attempt at being artful? Grabowski should have spent a few more years working on his high school newspaper.

Instead of getting into the negatives of the bands that performed, I will point out some positives that Grabowski either failed to notice, or just doesn't have the ear to hear. All of the musicians involved donated their time. To have a month to throw a band together composed of so many dynamically different members is no easy task. There was no mention of Hot Lunch's guitar work, One Night Stand's bass playing, or Monkey Love's dynamics.

Let's face it. As a musician, you don't move to Charlottesville for the gigging opportunities. After reading Grabowski's article, it is also clear that one doesn't move here for quality musical journalism. The next time Grabowski reviews a show, he should wait to drink until he's standing in front of his mirror playing air guitar.

The judging should have stayed at Starr Hill. To have resorted to attacks on the performers in his article proves the point that those who have no musical talent are relegated to writing about it.

Joe Osborne