Kathleen A. Schneiderman to Bela A. Orban and Rebecca L. Scott, 807 Locust Avenue, $264,900.

Samuel A. and Alice C. Anderson to Frank B. and Frances G. Feigert, three units in 500 Court Square condominiums, $250,000.

John E. and Margaret R. Van Liew to Everette L. Doffermyre, 1700 Rugby Avenue, $455,000.

Rae Development Corp. to Ronald Lee and Christina Ray Hendricks, 102 Kelsey Court, Madison Place, Kellytown, $349,773.

Scott D. and Tricia C. Burry to Ronnie S. and Judy G. Thacker, 900 St. Clair Avenue, $145,000.

Joel D. and Jana L. Ronan to Margaret Gallant, 111 Piedmont Avenue, $175,100.

John R. Temmink and Charlotte R. Bill to John E. and Margaret R. Van Liew, 2523 Brunswick Road, $375,000.

DTMP, LLC to Acme Ice Real Estate LLC, parcel in Vinegar Hill, $2,607,900.

Terry Weedlun to Amy L. Ballenger, 1109 Elliott Avenue, $133,500.

Leon and Mary Elizabeth Magill to Patrick Szeptycki and Christa L. Jeffers, 1817 Yorktown Drive, $420,000.


 Joseph M. Wood II, Trustee, to 1956-1958 Lewis Mountain Road LLC, 1956-1958 Lewis Mountain Road, $435,000.


Alan C. Purvis to Christopher K. and Pamela G. Barnard, 217 12th Street SE, $150,000.

John H. and Altha M. Parr, Trustees, to Donald L. Kimpel and Diane F. Siebels, 1715 Essex Road, $275,000.

Ronnie D. and Ronna D. Compton to William J. Clark, 100 Greenwich Court, $147,900.

Robert L. and Sharon R. Green to Mark B. and Angelique T. Wynkoop, 918 Anderson Street, $75,000.


Charlottesville Co-Housing Association Inc. to Southland Homes Inc., 5.093 acres at 1105 St. Charles Avenue, $650,000.

Mark D. and Marjorie B. DeBoer to Stephen L. and Wynne E. White and Samantha S. and Michael J. Masone III, 115 North Baker Street, $142,000.

Mary E. Wiley to Anoop and Katherine Ranganath, 2507 Willard Drive, $180,000.


Hampton LLC to Brian Weber and Kara Gloeckner, 1403 Hampton Street, $10,000.

Karen Lea Fitzgerald to David Wotton and Lucy F. Pemberton, 1947 Thomson Road, $368,900.

Christopher and Sally B. Lawrence to Christopher C. Baumer and Cornelia C. Godden, 700 Lexington Avenue, $400,000.



Sycamore Creek LLC to John D. and Athena M. Ballas, 6.0 acres on State Route 637, Ivy Fields, $285,000.

Advance Mills Land Trust II to R.W. Mawyer Inc., lot in Tanager Woods, $115,000.

Joan E. Rudel to Elizabeth M. Neff, 16.29 acres at 4310 Springwood Drive, Free Union, $405,000.

Dorothy H. Rasmussen to Prakash R. Kamath and Vanessa H. Gregg-Kamath, 2170 Anderson Lane, Ashcroft, $329,900.

Daniel M. and Jane E. Lochner to Fernando and Hazael C. Garay, 3215 Chesterfield Court, Chesterfield, $245,000.

Ryan C. and Bethany N. Wanamaker to Matthew H. Klein and Jennifer L. Andrews, 1256 Foxcrest Way, Foxcroft, $220,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Michael N. Warlick, 3220 Turnberry Circle, Forest Lakes, $365,308.

C. Michael and Karen B. Moffitt to Elton J. and Cheryl A. Oliver, 32.72 acres on Jefferson Mill Road, State Route 618, $114,520.

Zita J. Kelly to Bryan G. and Cary G. Sauer, 2807 Northfield Road, $245,000.

Victoria Kimball to Robert L. and Judi R. Bowers, 2185 Devonshire Road, West Leigh, $425,000.

Vladimir and Olga Dolgolenko to Jennie C. and Richard G. Carter Jr., 3062 Beaumont Farm Road, $150,000.

Veronica E. Michaelsen to Jeffrey J. and J. A. Sublette-Williamson, 2055 Avalon Way, Emerald Ridge, Crozet, $429,000.

Dorian W. Mullens to Steven F. Goldberg, 3.35 acres at 5073 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville, $169,000.

Myra J. and Jerry D. Cooley to Harold W. and Barbara F. Berk, 2048 Piper Way, Glenmore, $840,000.

Stephen C. and Laurian C. Coburn to Carlton E. and Lauren G. Heine, 960 Stillwater Lane, Earlysville Forest, $237,500.

John C. and Sally R. Bassler to Kevin J. and Wendy M. Lewis, 42.357 acres on Broken Sun Road, Covesville, $97,000.

Carolyn J. and Paul D. Hoffman to Irene Sams, 3252 Gateway Circle, Gateway Village, Townwood, gift.

Carolyn B. and Joseph W. Wright III to Yellapu V. and Catherine C. Murty, 1163 River Chase Ridge, Dunlora, $318,950.

Nasser Razack to Jeffrey W. Webb, 1709 Arrowwood Drive, Mill Creek, $183,000.



Myra J. and Jerry D. Cooley to Harold W. and Barbara F. Berk, 2048 Piper Way, Glenmore, $840,000.