Parkway is the answer

Chief Longo is not to blame for the traffic back-up on North Avenue, Calhoun Street, and Locust Avenue [News, August 28, "Road rage: Neighbors blame Longo"] ( The blame lies squarely on the city councilors and county supervisors who have delayed for over 25 years to build the Meadowcreek Parkway.

Had this roadway into downtown been built already, the increase in traffic on the above named streets would be drastically reduced.

Do you think downtown-bound commuters would choose to drive along the 25 mph curves of Rio Road? Or would they opt to cruise into downtown on a four-lane divided road? I for one would be driving down Meadowcreek Parkway.

Alas, the motto seems to be "don't ever build it and eventually people will become so fed up with the traffic problems they will move away and the traffic jams will alleviate themselves." I for one wish the county would build their part of the road, and at the point where the county ends and the city begins, they could borrow a sign from the Corner and just say "Coming."

Stephen W. Canter