You shoulda said 'Straka'

Here is an addition to your local authors list, and his character lives in Charlottesville! You may know of him, but he wasn't included in your annual roundup [August 7 edition: The Annual Manual] (

The author is Andy Straka, husband of popular dermatologist Bonnie Straka. He has written a neat series of mysteries featuring Frank Pavlicek - a former NYPD officer who moves to Charlottesville and ends up being a private detective.

Another cool thing: besides the setting in and around Charlottesville and Virginia is the lore on falconry. Yep, Frank's hobby is falconry, and that is a neat factor. He also has a slightly wacked ex-NYPD partner, a teenage daughter, a nice, real relationship– very engaging, complex books. Check them out.

Elisabeth Fitzhugh